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About Permarchitecture

What if there was a place where you could get answers to your questions around making a home? All the ins and outs, explained, taken apart, simplified. All the ideas, dreams, shared? All the fears and big unknowns, tamed and transformed into growth? Permarchitecture tries to do this. There’s more than one channel for this and you can choose what fits.

There’s the blog of course, a patchwork of thoughts on houses and us living in them. You can get to know the way Permarchitecture sees home design by roaming through the texts.

Then, there’s the free course. It’s a starter for an actual course, that is taking shape as your needs are explored.

For those of you who need time more than anything else, the plans in the store can be a lifesaver. They are permaculture-inspired bioclimatic designs, fit for most temperate climate contexts.

When you’re ready for customization of your space and want to see your vision take shape, you can book an online one-on-one permarchitecture design session. We work together via screen sharing technology on your project, whatever stage you’re finding yourself at.

Finally – and this is a brand new and indispensable addition to the mix – an online community is being built. A tribe of like-minded people making design decisions together, sharing stories, ideas, discoveries. All around the same lenses of sustainability, health, beauty and affordability. Because it’s in within our reach to get together and build better homes for ourselves and our loved ones.

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