the Philosophy Foundation

10 Hennel Close, Forest Hill, London SE23 2NT, UK
3 Hennel Close London SE23 2NT GB

We are committed to bringing philosophy to the wider community, and in particular philosophy in schools. We do philosophy for and with children in the classroom, and train teachers to enable them to embed philosophical questioning into their classroom practice, so that P4C becomes part of the schools curriculum. You can find out more about the history of P4C on our philosophy for children page.

Our aim is to make ‘Reasoning’ the 4th ‘R’ in education – by giving children the tools to help them think critically, creatively, cohesively and autonomously we aim to fill the gaps in education and consequently benefit society as a whole.

Philosophy can help to shape the way we think and live in the world. Learning to think clearly and creatively helps in many ways – the most obvious being the effect it has upon one’s actions.

Any surplus monies made or raised will be put towards providing specialist teachers in to schools that need it most, but that cannot afford it. We also aim to be able to provide sponsorship to support young people in Higher Education studying philosophy, who may not otherwise be able to attend.


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