How to get George Osborne to buy you shares in a wind turbine

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Posted Jul 6 2015 by Jon Halle of Sharenergy

No, this isn’t a scam – you can get tax relief on shares in community energy. But it’s not charity – you don’t have to part with your money. It’s an investment, and one that is projected to give you a 7% return – much more than a bank savings account. So rather than leaving your money in a bank, contributing to the corporate sector, bankers’ profits and bonuses, why not move it to somewhere that benefits the community, the environment and your pocket – plus you get some money out of George. It’s a no-brainer.

Here’s a short video to explain it.

It really is that simple. Click here to invest.

Do it quickly though. This offer closes on July 10th, and the government is ending its support – see here.

Please invest and tell your friends. The minimum investment is £100.

[NB: I Invested £2k a couple of weeks ago. It was extremely easy and took 5 minutes – Dave,]