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    Jon is the other co-founder of Sharenergy and is the executive member of the Board. In this role he has a wide remit from detailed support of individual projects to a nationwide strategic involvement with public, private and third sector bodies. Jon works with both the Operations and the Development team within Sharenergy. He is a previous recipient of a Community Energy Champion Award.

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    Jon Halle

    Big Solar Co-op: solar as a hedge against energy price rises

    Jon Halle 06-Apr-2022

    We’ve blogged before about the great work the Big Solar Co-op are doing, bringing solar into communities. Here Jon Halle explores the potential for solar to provide some protection against energy price rises for small businesses and community-based organisations. Read more

    Community energy, mutual credit and the mutualist economy

    Jon Halle 18-Jul-2021

    This is the third part of an interview with Jon Halle of Sharenergy, about the prospects for keeping energy production local and mutualised. Here we talk about community energy, mutual credit and mutualisation of the economy. Read more

    Keeping energy production local and mutualised: Jon Hallé of Sharenergy, Part 2

    Jon Halle 11-Jul-2021

    This is the second part of an interview with Jon Halle of Sharenergy, about the prospects for keeping energy production local and mutualised. We talk about community energy, Energy Local and the Big Solar Co-op. Read more

    Jon Hallé: Introducing the Big Solar Co-op, and how you can help renewables and the co-op sector

    Jon Halle 04-Jul-2021

    Today I’m speaking with Jon Hallé. We go back about 20 years. You ran courses on how to make biodiesel for Lowimpact, back in the early noughties, and you authored a book for us about making biodiesel, that sold about 15k copies in the first year. It caught the zeitgeist then, but of course diesel… Continue reading Jon Hallé: Introducing the Big Solar Co-op, and how you can help renewables and the co-op sector Read more

    Exciting job opportunity: Project Officer with Big Solar Co-op at Sharenergy

    Jon Halle 22-Aug-2019

    Are you fired up to find practical solutions to the climate crisis? If so, this job opportunity as a Project Officer with Big Solar Co-op could be right up your street. Over to Jon Hallé at Sharenergy to tell us more. Read more

    Be part of keeping UK community-owned wind power alive

    Jon Halle 27-Nov-2018

    From launching Scotland’s first 100% co-operatively-owned wind turbine to supporting community solar and hydro-electricity projects across the country, Sharenergy are working hard to keep UK community-owned wind power and more alive in the UK. Read more

    What does the future look like for community energy? Interview with Jon Hallé of Sharenergy

    Jon Halle 14-Jun-2018

    On the NonCorporate blog, we’ll be interviewing people who are out there building a non-corporate economy on the ground right now. We’ll be finding out exactly what they’re doing, what they’ve achieved, what problems they face and what they’d like to see change – and we’ll be asking them how we might co-ordinate the non-corporate… Continue reading What does the future look like for community energy? Interview with Jon Hallé of Sharenergy Read more

    Here’s how to get your electricity from a new co-operative with medium-sized wind turbines on farms

    Jon Halle 08-Jul-2016

    The Small Wind Co-op is a new co-operative, putting up three wind turbines on farms in Scotland and Wales. Anyone from anywhere in the UK can join – we’re offering good returns of 4.5% to 6.5% and even the opportunity to use the electricity generated in your own home. Read more

    How to get George Osborne to buy you shares in a wind turbine

    Jon Halle 06-Jul-2015

    No, this isn’t a scam – you can get tax relief on shares in community energy. But it’s not charity – you don’t have to part with your money. It’s an investment, and one that is projected to give you a 7% return – much more than a bank savings account. Read more

    Announcing Sharenergy’s largest ever community energy share offer

    Jon Halle 29-Apr-2015

    Sharenergy is happy to announce the launch of its largest ever share offer. We’ll be raising £1.35m to add to the £450,000 already subscribed for Heartland Community Wind in Scotland. Shares will attract EIS tax relief under the extension to EIS recently announced. Read more

    New share offers in community-owned renewable energy projects around the UK

    Jon Halle 06-Nov-2014

    Pomona Solar launched its pioneer share offer during h-Energy festivities on 11th October in Hereford. Pomona’s first scheme is for a 250kW solar PV array that will supply low-cost electricity to small businesses located on the site. Read more

    Ethical investments in renewable energy – you can make it happen

    Jon Halle 07-Jun-2014

    A quick update on Sharenergy-supported projects and share offers. Firstly some great news – the first wind turbine supported by Sharenergy is now up and running in Dingwall Read more

    Community-owned energy: how to sideline the big energy companies

    Jon Halle 01-Nov-2013

    A quick Halloween update from Sharenergy. We’re very proud to say we are involved in 4 great share offers at the moment – spanning wind, hydro, solar and woodfuel technologies and across a swathe of the UK Read more

    Two more community-owned renewables schemes that you can get involved with

    Jon Halle 08-Jul-2013

    If you would like to see more community-owned co-operative renewable energy projects in the UK, there are practical ways that you can help. Over to Jon for some schemes you can invest in Read more

    Woodheat community share offer: 10% left

    Jon Halle 26-Sep-2012

    Woolhope Woodheat are now up to 90% of their share total with 2 days to go. Thats £27,000 more we need with a mighty £247,650 already subscribed for by 127 prospective members. Read more

    The Woolhope Woodheat Project

    Jon Halle 26-Jun-2012

    You might like to have a look at our project which covers a load of bases – reducing carbon emissions, protecting neglected woodland, creating employment in woodland management, providing greener heat for hard-to-heat buildings. Read more

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