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How To make cider vinegar

To make cider vinegar we need to start with a fully fermented dry cider with a minimum 5% alcohol content. Sulphur dioxide should not have been added for storage, because this will inhibit the conversion to acetic acid. Read more

How to make good apple juice

Apple juice is in some ways more difficult to make than cider, and indeed it can scarcely be regarded as a traditional product at all. Until the recognition late in the 19th century that fermentation was caused by yeast converting sugar into alcohol, the difference between juice and cider was somewhat obscure and of little practical importance in any case. Read more

Introducing the Velojuicer – pedal-powered apple scratter

Here is an in-depth look at the Velojuicer, our pedal-powered apple juicer. A lightweight, mobile, all-in-one machine that scrats, presses, and juices apples using only human power and a bit of good humour. Read more

How to store apples over the winter: a brief guide

Nick Mann of Habitat Aid | 17-Sep-2019 | 0

You’ve picked your apples but what to do now? Learn how to make the best of the harvest with Nick Mann’s brief guide to how to store apples over the winter. Read more

The power of doing things ourselves using recycled materials: the Permaculture Book of DIY

Dave Darby of | 06-Oct-2016 | 1

This is a radical new book – not because the ideas within it are going to change the world, but because it contains funky little DIY projects that could make a lot of people think ‘hey, I’ve always wanted one of those, but was put off by the cost – but actually, I could do… Continue reading The power of doing things ourselves using recycled materials: the Permaculture Book of DIY Read more

Low-impact & the city 1: introduction – how possible is it to live in a sustainable, non-corporate way in a city?

Dave Darby of | 24-Jun-2015 | 23

I lived at Redfield Community for 13 years – it’s where was born – but now I live in London, and so I’m assessing my options for living as low-impact a life as I can. Read more

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