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Posted May 25 2017 by Dave Darby of

We are offering a little part-time job. It’s only around 10 hours per month, so it could fit in nicely with what you’re doing already. It involves looking after a category on the site, and keeping everything updated.

What’s a category?

Categories are here. Click on a category to get to the topics. So ‘Building & retrofitting’ is a category, and if you click on it, ‘cob building’, for example, is a topic.

What does the job involve?

It involves updating one topic per month. You choose the category you’re most interested in (except for Gardening, growing & smallholding and Society, work & money, which are taken). You’ll go through each topic in the category, updating one topic per month. That involves:

  • reading through the intro to see if anything has changed / needs to be added, and changing it (including adding new images and videos etc.)
  • checking the books page, removing unobtainable books and adding new ones
  • producing an interesting blog article per month on a topic in your category; you can write it yourself, as an opinion, news or information piece, you can interview someone or you can re-blog
  • checking the links, magazines, further information and any other resources on the topic, fixing broken links, adding new links, magazines, information etc.
  • plus ad hoc stuff – adding new books, links etc. in any topic in your category, as and when you find them, talking with people who might become more involved etc.

The successful applicant will get more detailed directions.

Show me the money

£125 for around 10 hours work. Doesn’t matter when you do it, and there are no timesheets. We just want the topics to be a bank of useful, updated information. You’ll invoice us monthly.

Who we’re looking for

Someone who can research and write well, and has an interest in and knowledge of the category they choose. Someone who will report on any new developments in their category, and someone who would like to help erode corporate power.

How to apply

We’re not holding interviews. The job is about writing, so we’d like to see an example of your writing. We have 200+ topics on the site, and about 40 of them don’t have a topic introduction (see below). Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to find a topic that interests you, that doesn’t have a topic introduction (see below), and write one. Every topic introduction follows a standard format that we’d like you to follow, and is around 1500 words, give or take a couple of hundred. Don’t worry about images or videos, or the pdf version. Original work only – no copying and pasting.

The job is also about initiative, and we don’t have time to answer queries about particular topics, or about the standard format. When you’ve written it, send it to dave at with a cv (or if you don’t have a cv, some spiel about how great you are). The best intro will get the job, and the intro will be added to the site. We may tweak some of the other intros and use them on the site too, and if we do, we’ll acknowledge you.

Deadline is end of June.

Thanks, and hope to be working with one of you soon.

Topics without introductions

Some are missing from the list, because they’re already being written; and some aren’t on the site yet. Please choose from the list below

  • eco-footprints
  • low-impact holidays
  • low-impact homes
  • low-impact kids
  • natural parenting
  • personal development
  • waste & recycling
  • fair trade
  • LETS systems
  • local groups / communities
  • geodesic domes
  • biomass boilers
  • energy saving
  • hydraulic ram pumps
  • micro hydro
  • reed beds
  • brewing beer
  • butchery
  • cider making, plus apple juice and perry
  • low-impact cookery
  • seafood
  • DIY
  • leatherwork
  • rugs & floor coverings
  • welding & metalwork
  • fences, gates & stiles
  • hedgelaying
  • geese
  • goats
  • keeping livestock
  • quail
  • sheepdogs
  • car sharing
  • cycling
  • hitchhiking
  • sailing
  • narrowboats
  • skins & hides
  • stained glass
  • mosaics
  • wood carving
  • stone carving