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    Craft in a crisis: helping heritage crafts come back from the brink

    With a host of already endangered heritage crafts at even greater risk as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, what does the future hold and how can we play a part in helping heritage crafts survive and even thrive? Sophie Paterson explores. Read more

    The Wool Journey Part 9: the first stages of preparing to spin

    In Part 9 of The Wool Journey guest blog series from The Natural Fibre Company, Sue Blacker takes us through the first stages of preparing to spin, featuring the Fearnaught machine and more. Read more

    The Wool Journey Part 8: wool scouring and drying

    In the eighth installment of The Wool Journey with Sue Blacker at The Natural Fibre Company, we learn about the first stage of processing: wool scouring and drying. Read more

    The Wool Journey Part 7: uses of different fibre types

    Continuing The Wool Journey, Sue Blacker of The Natural Fibre Company explains the uses of different fibre types. It is said that everything of a pig can be used but the squeak and the same is true of fleeces! Read more

    The Wool Journey Part 6: grading, sorting and storing of fleeces following shearing

    In the sixth installment of The Wool Journey by Sue Blacker of The Natural Fibre Company and Blacker Yarns, she outlines the crucial steps of grading, sorting and storing of fleeces following shearing. Read more

    The Wool Journey Part 3: wool attributes – length, crimp and lustre

    In the third of The Wool Journey installments based on an original post by Sonja Bargielowska at Blacker Yarns, The Natural Fibre Company leads us to consider length, crimp and lustre. Read more

    The Wool Journey Part 1: what is wool?

    In the first of a series of guest blog posts from Sue Blacker and colleagues at The Natural Fibre Company, we invite you to embark upon The Wool Journey, exploring the what, how and why of all things wool. Read more

    What we’re losing: the joy and satisfaction of crafting things by hand

    Jan Zalud of janzalud.co.uk | 12-Mar-2017 | 3

    The video below shows various stages of the production and finish of a 1-metre tall puppet by Jan Zalud. Jan makes all sorts of things – crafted by hand from wood. Read more

    Imprint dyeing – a beautiful new way of dyeing textiles using plants

    This is a beautiful and interesting way of dyeing cloth by imprinting plant material. Getting a precise imprint on cloth or paper is not new – take for instance the Turin Shroud. Read more

    New Lowimpact.org publication: a knitting and textiles tour of Scotland by folding bicycle

    Lowimpact.org has a new publication, about a 57-year-old (sorry Janet) woman’s decision to leave her home in Ayrshire and take a grand tour of Scotland on a Brompton folding bicycle, visiting and giving workshops for textile groups along the way. Read more

    How can we get our clothes from sustainable and non-corporate sources?

    This is an interview with Jessica Smulders-Cohen of Greater London Fibreshed, who are trying to build a network of small-scale clothes manufacturers using natural materials produced in the UK. Read more

    The future will be handmade? The prospects for craft skills in ‘developing’ countries

    Siraj Izhar of Amplife | 15-May-2015 | 8

    The Future will be handmade? In the information age, the question has an absurd ring. But I ask after listening to Ashoke Chatterjee at the Artisans House in Mumbai. As a long time President of the Crafts Council of India, Chatterjee tells us that ‘The Future will be handmade’. The question mark is mine.  Read more

    Craft skills are too important to lose

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 26-Apr-2013 | 0

    How many people do you know these days whose work involves traditional craft skills? For every craftsperson in the UK, there must be a couple of thousand working in telesales. Read more

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