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We need to completely close down industrial animal agriculture

Dave Darby of | 16-Aug-2020 | 14

Industrial agriculture is cruel to animals, cruel to people who work in it, it damages the environment and concentrates wealth in very few hands. I guess if you’re reading this, you know that already, and I don’t have to explain it. The problem is, it’s still there, doing its vile stuff every day. What do… Continue reading We need to completely close down industrial animal agriculture Read more

Fancy learning to spin or weave or know someone else who would?

Are you tempted to give learning to spin or weave a whirl but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you have a friend or family member looking for a new craft challenge? Our new online courses are for you! Read more

Is eating meat ethical or sustainable? Interview with Simon Fairlie, author of ‘Meat: A Benign Extravagance’

We are sometimes approached by people asking why we provide information on vegetarianism, veganism and keeping animals. Isn’t that a bit incongruous? We don’t think it is Read more

In praise of the wheelbarrow: low-impact transportation at its best?

Perhaps these days most commonly associated with the garden, there’s more to the humble wheelbarrow than you might think. Sophie Paterson explores its potential, past and present, as a low-impact form of transportation. Read more

Does the sustainability of meat production depend on the size of a holding and the number of animals kept on it?

Dave Darby of | 03-Dec-2017 | 84

I want to investigate at what size meat production becomes unsustainable (in terms of acreage, number of animals etc.) – i.e. whether it can be sustainable at all, and if so, whether there’s an upper limit, above which it can’t be sustainable Read more

Is it ethical to eat meat, or to keep animals for meat or dairy?

Dave Darby of | 15-Oct-2017 | 289

This is a very important question for us here at, because we have courses, books, magazines, links etc on keeping animals and on game. We also have vegetarianism and veganism as topics – because we recognise the environmental benefits of eating less meat. Read more

How the study of animal behaviour (ethology) can help you keep livestock more ethically and sustainably

Lesley Anderson of | 12-Sep-2017 | 1

I want to talk about something which can help us design more ethical and sustainable ways of keeping our livestock. It is a subject that has always fascinated me and, if you keep animals, I think you will find it fascinating too. It is the is the study the behaviour of animals, particularly in their… Continue reading How the study of animal behaviour (ethology) can help you keep livestock more ethically and sustainably Read more

Grazing: why simulating wild herds maximises benefits for farmers, livestock and ecology

Emma Olliff of RegenerEat | 12-Aug-2017 | 0

“Many sheep farmers waste more than a third of the grass on their farm because they do not plan grazing wisely.” This is according to Susan Buckingham, extension officer at the Institute of Biological, Environment and Rural Sciences’ Grassland Development Centre Read more

Haymaking by hand: a guide from Indie Farmer

Nigel Akehurst of Indie Farmer | 07-Aug-2017 | 0

This week our friends at Indie Farmer shared with us their how-to guide to haymaking by hand, in which founder and editor-in-chief Nigel Akehurst collaborated with small-scale farmer Simon Fairlie, co-editor of The Land Magazine. Read more

Can constantly-moving livestock help prevent desertification?

Dave Darby of | 15-Dec-2015 | 7

Desertification is the process whereby grasslands slowly turn into deserts, and suggesting that we can help reverse this process with livestock sounds counter-intuitive, especially as livestock is usually named as one of the major contributors to desertification. In the video below, Allan Savory, who has spent a lifetime studying and working towards poverty eradication and wildlife conservation,… Continue reading Can constantly-moving livestock help prevent desertification? Read more

Microdairies: making them as successful as micro-breweries

A conference on the benefits of small-scale commercial dairy farms of up to 40 cows or the equivalent of sheep or goats. How to establish them and how to promote the concept. For practising and prospective dairy farmers and others with a professional interest in the future of the British dairy industry. Read more

Why does our list of topics include vegetarianism, veganism AND keeping animals?

Dave Darby of | 06-Sep-2015 | 8

Isn’t that a bit inconsistent? If we think that vegetarianism or veganism is a good idea, how can we also think that keeping animals – most of which are kept for meat – is a good idea too? Read more

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