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    Fresh Salad Every Day? Growing Microgreens at Home in a Small Space

    Mark Ridall Smith of | 28-Feb-2024 | 2

    Hear from Mark from Vertical Veg about how you can grow a fresh salad at home in small space! Read more

    The benefits of sprouts – living superfoods

    First let’s be clear. I’m not talking about Brussels sprouts! I’m referring to different types of sprouts. I’m referring to the tiny white shoot (primary root) that emerges when a seed, bean or grain begins to germinate and begins to grow into a vegetable. Read more

    How to start a small garden in your apartment (Part 2)

    Sarah Young of Ethical.net | 27-Nov-2019 | 0

    Just what can you grow indoors? Plenty, it turns out. Ethical.net continue their guide to starting a small garden in your apartment. Catch up with Part 1 here. Read more

    Omelettes, sticky ribs and Scotch eggs at the Midlands vegan festival next weekend

    The 10th annual West Midlands Vegan Festival is set to be a feast for your palette as well as your eyes. Taking place in Wolverhampton on 28th and 29th October, the event will feature a wide range of global vegan foods, the latest innovations in alternatives for dairy lovers plus the hottest vegan fashion, footwear… Continue reading Omelettes, sticky ribs and Scotch eggs at the Midlands vegan festival next weekend Read more

    Why are clay pots better for sprouts and microgreens than plastic or glass?

    So why sprout seeds in clay sprouters? Surely if seeds grow happily into sprouts or microgreens, they will be healthy and be good for us? Do they really care if they’re grown in plastic? Well, there are some other things to take into consideration. Read more

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