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    Price: £30.00 (one off payment)

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    This natural soaps online course is all you need to get a background in soap and soap-making, learn to make a range of different soaps and even set up your own soap-making business.

    See here for an introduction to natural soaps, and see the right-hand column for more resources.

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    The course represents excellent value – as well as the entire text of our book, Make Your Own Natural Soaps, there are over 100 minutes of videos to accompany every aspect of the book, so that as well as reading about the processes, you can watch videos of exactly how it’s done.

    Natural soaps online course tutor Maxine Clarke


    Maxine Clarke is a professional soap maker who began crafting soap out of necessity when she was 14 years old at her grandmother’s bungalow in the little seaside resort of Runaway Bay, Jamaica, where she grew up. However, it was in London in 2004 where she rediscovered, and fell passionately in love with, hand crafting her own natural soaps and bodycare products. They provided a much needed therapeutic and creative outlet from a stressful career, and the opportunity to give useful and unique presents to family and friends. She later set up Caribbean Paradise Soaps, taught day courses for Lowimpact, and authored our book, Make Your Own Natural Soaps. She now lives on a smallholding in Costa Rica.

    Soap making in action in the natural soaps online course


    1. Introduction (pdf)

    2. Soap history (pdf)

    3. Why make your own natural soaps? (pdf)

    4. Soap chemistry (pdf)

    5. The fundamentals: measuring, temperature, trace, super fatting, setting, cutting, curing etc. (pdf)

    6. Introduction and fundamentals (video)

    7. Equipment (pdf)

    8. Equipment (video)

    9. Ingredients (pdf)

    10. Ingredients (video)

    11. Botanicals for well-being, skin nourishment and dyes (pdf)

    12. Aroma crafting: the art of blending oils (pdf)

    13. Fragrances and colours (video)

    14. Cold process soap-making and recipes (pdf)

    15. Cold process soap-making (video)

    16. Hot process soap-making and recipes (pdf)

    17. Hot process soap-making (video)

    18. Rebatching (pdf)

    19. Rebatching (video)

    20. Liquid soap-making and recipes (pdf)

    21. Liquid soap-making (video)

    22. Cream soap-making and recipes (pdf)

    23. Cream soap-making (video)

    24. Finishing, decorating and packaging (pdf)

    25. Finishing, decorating and packaging (video)

    26. Crafting your own soap recipes (pdf)

    27. Selling your soap: safety, regulations, labelling, trading standards etc. (pdf)

    28. Glossary (pdf)

    29. Resources (pdf)

    Making soap in the natural soaps online course

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    Thanks to Maxine Clarke and Studio Nima.

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