Our online courses

We’re developing Lowimpact.org online courses in our range of topics. We’re working with specialists to provide 2-3 hours of video content for each course, backed up with text, images, charts and diagrams – everything you need to get started and to succeed in the topic of your choice.

The courses represent excellent value, starting at £30 each – less than half the price of most comparable online courses you’ll find elsewhere, because we’re not trying to maximise profits, but to help people adopt sustainable technologies and gain skills to live more sustainably and to help them participate in a different kind of economy. They make great gifts too!

After purchasing, you’ll be sent a link to access the course. The link will last indefinitely.

Here are our current courses in alphabetical order. We’re going to be adding a lot more. Subscribe to our newsletter (see home page) for updates.

Compost toilets

Lowimpact.org online courses - compost toilets

This course contains over 3 hours of video plus an entire book. It covers the history of dealing with human excrement, the way that it decomposes, and a range of different composting toilets that can deal with it without polluting water, and that can produce safe, valuable compost. Includes step-by-step guides to building 2 types of toilet, including the extension that houses them.

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Herbal medicine

Lowimpact.org online courses - herbal medicine

This course covers a huge range of medicinal herbs, foraged from the wild and grown in the garden. You will learn how to gather, store and of course use them in different ways for different purposes. The entire text of our book, Herbal remedies: how to make, use & grow them, is included in this course.

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Low-impact money

Low-impact money

A free online course at Masters-level will enable you to understand the past, present and future role of money in society. This course is for people who are interested in understanding money from a social innovation perspective – it prepares the ground for answering how to create a better future by reshaping money and currency.

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Natural soaps

Our online courses - natural soaps

This course is all you need to get a background in soap and soap-making, learn to make a range of different soaps and even set up your own soap-making business. The entire text of our book, Make your own Natural Soaps, is included in the course.

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Solar electricity

Our solar electricity online course

This course is for anyone interested in the theory or practice of obtaining electricity from the sun. Everything you need to know to install your own system, and all the background information you need if you’re having a system installed by a professional.

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Our online courses - spinning

This course is about how to spin yarn: but not only that. It looks at the wide choice of fibres available and helps you to choose the right spinning tool for you.

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Straw-bale building

Lowimpact.org online courses - straw-bale building

This course contains a range of documents and videos by the UK’s top straw-bale builder, Barbara Jones. The course covers all aspects of straw-bale building, from foundations, walls and roofs to tools, internal fittings and plastering, with lots of tips and inside information.

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Our online courses - weaving

This course is the perfect introduction for anyone new to the world of weaving. Experienced course tutor Janet Renouf-Miller of Create with Fibre guides you through the basics, working up from Dinky and Midi looms via a Scarf loom to the ever-versatile Rigid Heddle loom.

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