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    Are squirrels or pigeons ‘food’, and should we reintroduce pine martens?

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 15-Nov-2020 | 86

    OK, so this isn’t really about squirrels or pigeons – it’s about any animal; we’re back to the veganism vs meat-eating discussion. But just focusing on squirrels and pigeons for the moment, I guess everyone accepts that they are of course food for other animals. They’re in a food chain, after all. Pine martens don’t… Continue reading Are squirrels or pigeons ‘food’, and should we reintroduce pine martens? Read more

    We need to completely close down industrial animal agriculture

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 16-Aug-2020 | 14

    Industrial agriculture is cruel to animals, cruel to people who work in it, it damages the environment and concentrates wealth in very few hands. I guess if you’re reading this, you know that already, and I don’t have to explain it. The problem is, it’s still there, doing its vile stuff every day. What do… Continue reading We need to completely close down industrial animal agriculture Read more

    Our policy on keeping animals & eating meat

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 10-May-2020 | 106

    Our topics include vegetarianism and veganism, but also keeping animals (for meat, dairy, eggs, honey, wool, leather, work etc); and also fishing and hunting animals in the wild. Is this incongruous? As a sustainability / new economy organisation, should we be promoting only veganism, rather than the keeping and/or eating of animals? Read more

    Life on Birchwood Croft: tales of smallholding in the Scottish Highlands

    Lesley Anderson of | 10-Jan-2019 | 0

    Lesley Anderson learns about the ups and downs of life for crofters Beth and Tim Rose in the Scottish Highlands. Read more

    Is eating meat ethical or sustainable? Interview with Simon Fairlie, author of ‘Meat: A Benign Extravagance’

    We are sometimes approached by people asking why we provide information on vegetarianism, veganism and keeping animals. Isn’t that a bit incongruous? We don’t think it is Read more

    It can’t possibly be a bad thing to live in the wild and to harvest both plants and animals for food – can it?

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 07-Dec-2017 | 264

    A group of us are attempting to have a debate about the sustainability of meat production, but I’ve realised that our differences are much deeper. Read more

    Does the sustainability of meat production depend on the size of a holding and the number of animals kept on it?

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 03-Dec-2017 | 84

    I want to investigate at what size meat production becomes unsustainable (in terms of acreage, number of animals etc.) – i.e. whether it can be sustainable at all, and if so, whether there’s an upper limit, above which it can’t be sustainable Read more

    Is it ethical to eat meat, or to keep animals for meat or dairy?

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 15-Oct-2017 | 289

    This is a very important question for us here at Lowimpact.org, because we have courses, books, magazines, links etc on keeping animals and on game. We also have vegetarianism and veganism as topics – because we recognise the environmental benefits of eating less meat. Read more

    In sight of Pendle Hill: a glimpse of life at Gazegill Farm

    We’re delighted to introduce the first in a series of posts by photographer and researcher Walter Lewis of Feeding Body and Soul. He will be sharing a selection of stories from his journey exploring local sustainable food production in England and Wales, beginning with Gazegill Farm in Lancashire. Read more

    Corporate cruelty

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 11-Dec-2015 | 3

    This particular corporate cruelty is down to Hormel (industrial food corporation and makers of Spam) and highlighted in a secret video made by Compassion Over Killing. But Hormel are not the only corporation involved in these kinds of practices. Read more

    Why does our list of topics include vegetarianism, veganism AND keeping animals?

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 06-Sep-2015 | 8

    Isn’t that a bit inconsistent? If we think that vegetarianism or veganism is a good idea, how can we also think that keeping animals – most of which are kept for meat – is a good idea too? Read more

    How to preserve pork on a smallholding

    In 2014 we had pigs for the first time. Up until then we had only had chickens. We don’t have a freezer in the woods and where you can eat a chicken before it goes off at fridge temperatures, a pig requires preserving. Read more

    Is it ethical to eat meat?

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 04-Jul-2014 | 4

    A group of around 15 of us meet one evening a month, for something we call ‘Philosophy Club’. The topic of this month’s meeting, which happened last night, was ‘is it ethical to eat meat?’ Read more

    There’s a crash coming – a slap from Mother Nature. This isn’t pessimistic; it’s realistic.

    The human impact on nature and on each other is accelerating and needs systemic change to reverse.

    We’re not advocating poverty, or a hair-shirt existence. We advocate changes that will mean better lives for almost everyone.

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