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    Fungi and forest gardens: 2 book reviews by Tomas Remiarz

    Permaculture teacher and forest gardener Tomas Remiarz reviews two of the best books that he’s read recently: Entangled Life and the Medicinal Forest Garden Handbook Read more

    Calendula moisturising bars

    Kelly of Dirty Garden Hoe | 17-May-2023 | 2

    The best thing about growing Calendula for me is watching all the insects that come to enjoy those bright happy flowers that sway and sing with the wind. Calendula is a must have for any cottage garden/allotment/informal space and is an excellent open flower which is perfect for those insects and bees. Calendula officinalis is… Continue reading Calendula moisturising bars Read more

    Some unusual finds in your garden

    Diana Page of Wild Harvest | 31-Aug-2022 | 1

    Unusual finds in your garden to support skincare Read more

    History of the use of medicinal plants

    This article explores the history of the legal rights of herbalists to practise, and looks particularly at the use of medicinal plants in wartime Britain. Read more

    September forage of the month: elderberry elixir

    Ruby Taylor of Native Hands | 26-Aug-2020 | 3

    With autumn approaching, Ruby Taylor of Native Hands shares one of her all-time favourite recipes for an elderberry elixir. Read more

    November forage of the month with Ruby Taylor

    Ruby Taylor of Native Hands | 20-Nov-2019 | 3

    Learn how you can soothe your sore throat sugar-free with rosehip vinegar, as Ruby Taylor of Native Hands shares her November forage of the month. Read more

    September forage of the month with Ruby Taylor

    Ruby Taylor of Native Hands | 10-Sep-2019 | 4

    Ruby Taylor of Native Hands shares her forage of the month for September, with stress-busting nettle seeds the star of the show as autumn approaches. Read more

    ‘Homegrown well-being’ and alternatives to corporate drug companies: interview with GP Simon Lennane

    Another of our interviews, first posted on NonCorporate.org, with people working on providing alternatives to multinational corporations – this time in the health sector. Read more

    Ageing: rejecting cosmetic surgery and embracing the crone

    When I sit in a coffee shop people-watching other older women, I am often drawn to two main types. First there is the older woman keen to retain an image of youth to whom ageing successfully is to be seen to be as young as possible for as long as possible by whatever means.  Read more

    The number of people with allergies is rising rapidly; but 10 times as many people believe that they have allergies, when in fact they don’t

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 10-Nov-2015 | 2

    Just heard a Radio 4 programme about allergies, which dovetailed with a lot of our beliefs. Here are the highlights. Read more

    There’s a crash coming – a slap from Mother Nature. This isn’t pessimistic; it’s realistic.

    The human impact on nature and on each other is accelerating and needs systemic change to reverse.

    We’re not advocating poverty, or a hair-shirt existence. We advocate changes that will mean better lives for almost everyone.

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