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    Living and working as a horse logger in Scotland

    Lesley Anderson of | 06-Nov-2018 | 4

    Steffi Schaffler lives and works in Scotland, running a horse logging business along with her partner Dave and 3 horses. Read more

    Haymaking by hand: a guide from Indie Farmer

    Nigel Akehurst of Indie Farmer | 07-Aug-2017 | 0

    This week our friends at Indie Farmer shared with us their how-to guide to haymaking by hand, in which founder and editor-in-chief Nigel Akehurst collaborated with small-scale farmer Simon Fairlie, co-editor of The Land Magazine. Read more

    Woodheat community share offer: 10% left

    Jon Halle of Sharenergy | 26-Sep-2012 | 0

    Woolhope Woodheat are now up to 90% of their share total with 2 days to go. Thats £27,000 more we need with a mighty £247,650 already subscribed for by 127 prospective members. Read more

    The Woolhope Woodheat Project

    Jon Halle of Sharenergy | 26-Jun-2012 | 0

    You might like to have a look at our project which covers a load of bases – reducing carbon emissions, protecting neglected woodland, creating employment in woodland management, providing greener heat for hard-to-heat buildings. Read more

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