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    Free & open source software posts

    You can help develop non-corporate digital tools to support collaboration between community groups

    Are you sick of having to always use corporate software, that uses your data to track your activities, to try to sell you things, and who knows what else? Read more

    How to contribute to the Credit Commons Society

    Fancy doing something new, interesting, rewarding and potentially world-changing in the new year? Matthew Slater, co-author of the Credit Commons white paper explains how you can join an interesting group of people, and contribute to the development of the Credit Commons Society. Read more

    Keeping your tech ticking: how to extend the lifetime of your laptop

    Have a feeling your device is on its last legs and dreading the day you might have to consider buying a new one? Sophie Paterson shares top tips to keep your technological devices ticking, starting with how to extend the lifetime of your laptop. Read more

    New topic – ‘commoning’ – and why ‘the Tragedy of the Commons’ is wrong

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 01-Dec-2019 | 0

    At university, back in the 80s, we were taught about ‘the Tragedy of the Commons’ – an essay by Garrett Hardin, about how common resources are always abused, because humans are basically selfish. It seemed plausible at the time, but has since been shown to be false. Read more

    How the REA / Value Flows model can change the world: Lynn Foster of Mikorizal (Part 2)

    Lynn Foster of Mikorizal | 10-Nov-2019 | 0

    Here’s the second part of our interview with Lynn Foster of Mikorizal and the Value Flows model. Part 1 is here. Read more

    Understanding the REA / Value Flows model: Lynn Foster of Mikorizal (Part 1)

    Lynn Foster of Mikorizal | 27-Oct-2019 | 3

    Today Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org / NonCorporate.org is talking with Lynn Foster of Mikorizal and the Value Flows model. We’ve heard some very good things about her work, together with her partner, Bob Haugen. Read more

    Building the open web: an interview with Micky Metts of Agaric

    Micky Metts of Agaric | 07-Jul-2019 | 0

    Dave Darby interviews Micky Metts of Agaric, based in Boston, Massachusetts, who is active in both the co-operative and free/open source movements. Read more

    Decentralised collaboration, Paul Mason and more: see you at OPEN 2019 next week?

    We hear from Oliver Sylvester-Bradley about exciting opportunities to collaborate at the OPEN 2019 Community Gathering, taking place in London next week. Read more

    What are ‘the commons’ in the 21st century? Interview with Pat Conaty

    We meet Pat Conaty, senior research fellow at NEF and Co-operatives UK and co-author of the Resilience Imperative, to discuss ‘the commons’. Read more

    So long, Doris: how to make a Linux computer from scratch

    When his old computer died, Simon Lennane knew exactly what to do to get back up and running, by building a Linux computer from scratch. Read more

    Co-operativising the tech sector: an interview with Graham Mitchell of Webarchitects & CoTech

    We speak to Graham Mitchell of Cotech about the co-operativisation of the tech sector and helping people switch to free and open source software. Read more

    Interview with Matthew Slater: what’s mutual credit, how can it boost the Solidarity Economy, and what can we do to help? (plus webinar)

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 27-Feb-2018 | 11

    See yesterday’s blog post for an introduction to this article. This is an interview with Matthew Slater, who co-authored the Money & Society MOOC, a free masters level multidisciplinary online course. He co-drafted the Credit Commons white paper, a proposal for a global solidarity economy money system Read more

    How I built a Raspberry Pi Space Invaders arcade machine with my kids

    This describes how my kids and I built an arcade machine, based on a Raspberry Pi. So, the first question many of you will be asking is…. Read more

    The potential power of sharing: from Share Shops to Streetbank

    In this post Sophie Paterson of Lowimpact.org explores the power of sharing in a growing movement including The Library of Things, Streetbank, Share Shops and more. Read more

    Reduce, reuse… repair? The repair renaissance building skills and communities

    With UK media decrying a recent YouGov survey revealing a whopping 69% of 18-24 year olds in the UK don’t know how to bleed a radiator and 54% would be flummoxed replacing a fuse, what hope is there for a repair renaissance amidst the current tide of throwaway consumerism? Read more

    £30, credit-card-sized, non-corporate, low-energy computers set up to run Linux; any boxes not ticked there?

    These are cheap (£30) mini computers that run Linux and will make a good second computer for children (for example), a media player in another room, or a data server. It might save people buying another laptop and it means you can reuse the peripherals of older PCs (screen, mouse etc). Read more

    This is the best attempt I’ve seen at building a sustainable, democratic, (and inevitably moneyless) economy. It’s worth understanding what they’re saying

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 11-May-2017 | 20

    If you’ve got a sneaking suspicion that whatever we do, we’re not going to transition to a sustainable, democratic future with the current money and banking system, then I agree with you. Read more

    Farm Hack : growing innovative open-source agriculture

    In response to the pervasive reach of the global agro-industrial complex, growing numbers of farmers across the world are coming together as co-operative organisations to promote and protect small-scale organic food production and environmental stewardship. We take a look below at some of the groups promoting open source agriculture with farmer driven technologies, spearheaded by the… Continue reading Farm Hack : growing innovative open-source agriculture Read more

    Dump Skype, switch to Jitsi: non-corporate, open source, nothing to download, no harvesting of your data

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 09-Apr-2017 | 30

    Here’s a free, open source programme for online chat / video chat: Jitsi. The corporate equivalent is Skype, which is now owned by Microsoft. Read more

    Low-impact & the city 11: buying a laptop without Windows – with Linux or with no operating system at all

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 08-Mar-2017 | 2

    This is the last in a series of articles to help you to jettison Windows and corporate software generally. Read more

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