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    We’re taking on a paid intern: you, maybe?

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 15-May-2022 | 0

    We’re looking for a paid intern. Contact us if you think this might be you, and please do pass it on to anyone you think might be a likely candidate. We initially have up to £600 per month available for the right person, depending on how much time you can put in – and there will be opportunities for you and others to bring in more income to pay for more work for you to do. Read more

    How not to build a movement, as demonstrated by Chris Saltmarsh

    We thought you might like this extraordinary defence of Deep Adaptation by Matthew Slater. Last year, he and Extinction Rebellion co-founder Skeena Rathor, authored a chapter in Deep Adaptation: Navigating the Realities of Climate Chaos; last month it was reviewed by newcomer Chris Saltmarsh, the champion of Jeremy Corbyn’s Green New Deal proposals and author of ‘Burnt’. Read more

    Where are we headed? (‘physics doesn’t negotiate’): Shaun Chamberlin

    At Lowimpact we’re interviewing people who are working to build a new kind of world. We want to promote what they’re doing, and find ways to work together. Today I’m talking with Shaun Chamberlin. Read more

    What kind of work do we want to do? Is working with our hands passé?

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 20-Jun-2021 | 0

    There’s an approach to life that sees craft jobs, or smallholding and food production, including baking, brewing and beekeeping, as well as any kind of job that involves manual work and dexterity as somehow retrograde and passé, and that ‘work’ now means mainly putting on a suit and travelling to an office to do something-or-other… Continue reading What kind of work do we want to do? Is working with our hands passé? Read more

    John Thackara: What does the future hold for humanity?

    John Thackara of Thackara.com | 30-May-2021 | 13

    This is part 1 of a conversation with John Thackara – senior fellow of the Royal College of Art, visiting professor at Tongji University, Shanghai, founder and director of the Doors of Perception sustainable design conferences, and author of many books, including How to Thrive in the Next Economy. Read more

    Help Lowimpact.org become a wiki, to provide more (and more relevant) information for visitors

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 31-Jan-2021 | 8

    We’ve been liaising with Simon Grant, of the P2P Foundation Wiki, and making plans for turning Lowimpact.org into a wiki. We already have a network of specialists who provide information for our topics and respond to visitors’ queries. We want to expand this network, as well as the number of topics we cover. Read more

    Post-corona: ‘getting back to normal’ is not just a bad idea – it’s suicidal

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 12-Apr-2020 | 14

    There’s been a lot of talk about ‘thanking’ coronavirus for giving us the breathing space to re-evaluate, and for giving nature some breathing space too. This isn’t one of those articles. I don’t find it compassionate to thank a virus that’s killing thousands of people, and closing millions of small businesses, allowing Amazon to hoover… Continue reading Post-corona: ‘getting back to normal’ is not just a bad idea – it’s suicidal Read more

    Coming together to build a new economy: Matthew Slater, barefoot economist and Credit Commons co-designer, Part 2

    In part 1 I described why a resilient economy needs be to separate from the failing capitalist juggernaut and that we need to start by finding new economic partners from without the Market. Read more

    Starting from scratch: Matthew Slater, barefoot economist and Credit Commons co-designer, Part 1

    Donald Trump recently derided Greta Thunberg and everyone pleading with government to heed environmental science as ‘doomsayers’. The more imminent peak oil or environmental collapse appear, the more intransigent our political system seems to be. Whatever the reasons for this, responsible citizens can only accomplish so much while the political and economic winds are blowing… Continue reading Starting from scratch: Matthew Slater, barefoot economist and Credit Commons co-designer, Part 1 Read more

    11 days left to support a collaborative new online ethical lifestyle toolkit

    We hear from our friends at the Permaculture Association about a new ethical lifestyle toolkit in the making alongside Ethical Consumer, and how you can help make it a reality by supporting their Crowdfunder campaign ahead of 26 January. We’re particularly excited about this one! It’s over to Jemma to tell us more… Read more

    Introducing One Planet Cities: sustaining humanity within planetary limits

    David Thorpe of One Planet Life | 22-May-2019 | 12

    David Thorpe of One Planet Life shares the ideas and aspirations behind his new book One Planet Cities, outlining his vision for sustainable urban communities. Read more

    Fancy joining the Pentiddy Woods family on an immersive 9 month internship?

    Ele Waters of Pentiddy | 09-May-2019 | 0

    Here’s your chance! We hear from Ele and Anthony at Pentiddy Woods about a unique learning opportunity on offer from October 2019. Read more

    What might buildings, settlements and even regions look like through the lens of Permaculture design?

    Paul Jennings of Criafolen | 26-Aug-2018 | 13

    This is the transcript of a talk given by Paul Jennings to the recent SBUK Big Straw Bale Gathering. Paul has built his straw-bale family home on a ‘One-Planet Development’ smallholding in Wales (costing £12,000). Read more

    Models of repopulation: bringing low-impact living to life in rural Europe

    We hear from yurt and tent builders and suppliers Spirits Intent about their new mission to revive low-impact living and rural economies in southern Europe through the Heartland Association. Read more

    Off Grid Festival 2018: another world is possible

    Roxy Piper tells us all about this year’s Off Grid Festival, taking place from 9-12th August in the historic Tapeley Park and Gardens in North Devon, with the theme of Seven Generation Stewardship. Read more

    Heartwood Community are seeking new members – could it be you?

    Staci Sylvan of Heartwood | 24-May-2018 | 2

    Heartwood Community is seeking energetic, reliable and committed people to join their intentional community in South West Wales. It’s over to Staci from here to tell us more. Read more

    Opportunity to live very close to nature, rent-free, in an Irish intentional community and education centre

    Mark Boyle of the Happy Pig | 13-Mar-2018 | 10

    There are two rent-free bedrooms available (one immediately, one soon) in the farmhouse at An Teach Saor. But this is not a place for people who want to save money. It’s a place for people who want to radically reduce their dependency on it all together. Read more

    Sunflower Cohousing community looking for members

    Our journey into community living started one evening in the Summer of 2009 when we were grouped around a campfire with friends discussing possible future lifestyle alternatives. Read more

    Debate: how sustainable can an eco-hotel and permaculture community be if it’s for Brits in Portugal?

    We were approached by Peter to ask if we would help promote a proposed eco-holiday complex and permaculture settlement in Portugal. I replied that I didn’t think we could, as I have strong reservations about this kind of eco-hotel development, and explained why. Peter came back with some counter-arguments, and I asked him whether he’d… Continue reading Debate: how sustainable can an eco-hotel and permaculture community be if it’s for Brits in Portugal? Read more

    Urban one-planet development: how can cities reduce their ecological footprint?

    The last post in this series looked at the vital role of ecological footprinting in ensuring that our individual actions are truly sustainable – i.e. within the limits of what the Earth’s resources can provide. This is called ‘one planet’ development. Read more

    There’s a crash coming – a slap from Mother Nature. This isn’t pessimistic; it’s realistic.

    The human impact on nature and on each other is accelerating and needs systemic change to reverse.

    We’re not advocating poverty, or a hair-shirt existence. We advocate changes that will mean better lives for almost everyone.

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