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Hydrological Democracy

Paul Jennings of Criafolen | 21-Sep-2023 | 0

Water is the ubiquitous precondition for life on Earth. The great hydrological cycle, which passes through us, as much as through any river, cloud, or ocean, encompasses the living soil, plants and animals. The Gaian system is one, unified, watery, cycle. Water is essential to the functioning of our bodies, and to linking all living… Continue reading Hydrological Democracy Read more

How to bring the water industry into community ownership: Julian Jones of Water21, Part 2

Julian Jones of Water21 | 26-Aug-2023 | 0

part 2 of an interview (see video below for more details – well worth it!) with Julian Jones, a water engineer and distinguished fellow of the Schumacher Institute, who has worked and provided consultancy for water companies, NGOs, the Environment Agency, universities and governments. Read more

Taking the water industry off the water companies: Julian Jones of Water21, Part 1

Julian Jones of Water21 | 12-Aug-2023 | 0

Part 1 of an interview with Julian Jones, a water engineer and distinguished fellow of the Schumacher Institute, about building a water commons for Stroud. Read more

What might buildings, settlements and even regions look like through the lens of Permaculture design?

Paul Jennings of Criafolen | 26-Aug-2018 | 13

This is the transcript of a talk given by Paul Jennings to the recent SBUK Big Straw Bale Gathering. Paul has built his straw-bale family home on a ‘One-Planet Development’ smallholding in Wales (costing £12,000). Read more

The simplest DIY compost toilet

Lesley Anderson of | 27-May-2018 | 28

For several years I lived in a tent in woodland and I never really readjusted to this business of flushing poo away with clean drinking water. Besides, I have always liked to feel I am dealing with my own… stuff, both figuratively and literally. So when we moved into our current house a DIY compost… Continue reading The simplest DIY compost toilet Read more

Why flushing away ‘waste’ water is a bad idea, and what better options exist

Like many things in modern life, the vast majority of our current water and wastewater infrastructure is completely dependent upon fossil energy to keep the toilets flushed and the taps running. Read more

Ditch the bleach: switch to natural cleaning to avoid toxins and carcinogens

Every year there is a better understanding of the risks of toxic chemicals and more and more people are benefitting from a switch to natural cleaning.  Read more

The pros and cons of fracking in the UK and why you need to know about them

Steve Last of IPPTS Associates | 14-Oct-2016 | 9

It’s time for all those interested in how society will achieve a sustainable level of impact on the environment to brush up their own thoughts and opinions on the pros and cons of fracking in the UK. Read more

New, cheap tap fitting that does seem to save water without causing flow problems

Nigel Bamford of Waterblade | 28-Jan-2016 | 0

I was sent a ‘Waterblade’ by Nigel – it fitted onto our bathroom tap easily, and the reason it causes no problems is that it spreads the water out into a thin sheet that actually makes it easier to wash your hands, for example, rather than more difficult. Read more

Brighton’s iconic earthship: appeal for upgrade of energy and water systems

Earthships are self-contained living vessels that don’t rely on mains water or energy from big companies. Earthships use natural systems to provide all their own utilities — solar energy for heat and power, and rain for water Read more

Should we be planning to ‘drought-proof’ our food production for a warmer climate?

Paul Jennings of Criafolen | 18-May-2015 | 1

The weather is not the climate. Nonetheless, over the last few years I have noticed that I have developed a slightly panicky fear of the weather; I can’t notice the weather I suppose, without it triggering all sorts of associations in my mind to the myriad articles I’ve read, and conversations I’ve had, about Anthropogenic Climate… Continue reading Should we be planning to ‘drought-proof’ our food production for a warmer climate? Read more

What chemicals are used in fracking, and where do they go?

Dave Darby of | 15-Mar-2013 | 0

(Image: the wonderful Marty Two Bulls). Article in the Guardian today pleading the case for fracking by someone purporting to be ‘green’. He says that: ‘the toxic sludges brought back to the surface can cause pollution’ Read more

There’s a crash coming – a slap from Mother Nature. This isn’t pessimistic; it’s realistic.

The human impact on nature and on each other is accelerating and needs systemic change to reverse.

We’re not advocating poverty, or a hair-shirt existence. We advocate changes that will mean better lives for almost everyone.

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