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    Building the energy commons: Marcus Saul of Island Power

    Marcus Saul of Island Power | 18-Dec-2022 | 0

    Interview with Marcus Saul of Island Power, an energy company with incredible ideas that could be world-changing, in terms of building a new kind of (commons) economy. Read more

    Reflections on building the ‘Commons’ economy

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 17-Jul-2022 | 0

    Lowimpact has been around since 2001, and we’ve provided lots of ways to help people live more sustainably. We’re going to also be focusing on how to build the ‘commons’ economy in future, as a viable alternative to the status quo. Read more

    Building the new economy with mutual credit in Costa Rica

    Emmanuel Savard of ReVive | 07-Nov-2021 | 0

    Here’s a conversation with Emmanuel Savard, co-founder of a group in Costa Rica that’s looking at providing all the essentials of life – food production, housing and energy – for their town via regenerative, non-extractive, sustainable, community-based exchange and investment models. Read more

    Community energy, mutual credit and the mutualist economy

    Jon Halle of Sharenergy | 18-Jul-2021 | 0

    This is the third part of an interview with Jon Halle of Sharenergy, about the prospects for keeping energy production local and mutualised. Here we talk about community energy, mutual credit and mutualisation of the economy. Read more

    Keeping energy production local and mutualised: Jon Hallé of Sharenergy, Part 2

    Jon Halle of Sharenergy | 11-Jul-2021 | 2

    This is the second part of an interview with Jon Halle of Sharenergy, about the prospects for keeping energy production local and mutualised. We talk about community energy, Energy Local and the Big Solar Co-op. Read more

    How you can help get solar onto more roofs in your community: the Big Solar Co-op

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 23-Jun-2021 | 0

    As it’s Community Energy Fortnight, I thought I’d have a word with my old mate Jon Hallé, who used to run Lowimpact’s ‘How to Make Biodiesel’ courses in the early noughties (and authored a book of the same title with us), and since then has gone on to found Sharenergy, who have helped over 100… Continue reading How you can help get solar onto more roofs in your community: the Big Solar Co-op Read more

    ‘The Case for Community Wealth Building’: review

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 23-May-2020 | 0

    This is the first of three articles in three days about ‘community wealth building’ (CWB) and mutual credit. Today we’re explaining community wealth building, and reviewing a book: The Case for Community Wealth Building. Tomorrow we’ll blog about how mutual credit can help post-Covid communities, and on Monday, Dil Green continues the theme, explaining how… Continue reading ‘The Case for Community Wealth Building’: review Read more

    Exciting job opportunity: Project Officer with Big Solar Co-op at Sharenergy

    Jon Halle of Sharenergy | 22-Aug-2019 | 0

    Are you fired up to find practical solutions to the climate crisis? If so, this job opportunity as a Project Officer with Big Solar Co-op could be right up your street. Over to Jon Hallé at Sharenergy to tell us more. Read more

    Decentralised collaboration, Paul Mason and more: see you at OPEN 2019 next week?

    We hear from Oliver Sylvester-Bradley about exciting opportunities to collaborate at the OPEN 2019 Community Gathering, taking place in London next week. Read more

    Help bring community energy to North Kensington with the NKCE share offer

    North Kensington Community Energy is the first community-owned energy enterprise in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. They are installing solar panels on 2 primary schools and a community centre. Read more

    Be part of keeping UK community-owned wind power alive

    Jon Halle of Sharenergy | 27-Nov-2018 | 0

    From launching Scotland’s first 100% co-operatively-owned wind turbine to supporting community solar and hydro-electricity projects across the country, Sharenergy are working hard to keep UK community-owned wind power and more alive in the UK. Read more

    What does the future look like for community energy? Interview with Jon Hallé of Sharenergy

    Jon Halle of Sharenergy | 14-Jun-2018 | 5

    On the NonCorporate blog, we’ll be interviewing people who are out there building a non-corporate economy on the ground right now. We’ll be finding out exactly what they’re doing, what they’ve achieved, what problems they face and what they’d like to see change – and we’ll be asking them how we might co-ordinate the non-corporate… Continue reading What does the future look like for community energy? Interview with Jon Hallé of Sharenergy Read more

    Announcing the launch of NonCorporate.org – how to move away from multinational corporations

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 07-Jun-2018 | 7

    We’re pleased to announce the launch of NonCorporate.org – our sister site, dedicated to helping people move away from multinational corporations (MNCs) for everything they need. Read more

    The next great transition will be to the Solidarity Economy with a mutual credit exchange system

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 26-Feb-2018 | 34

    I’ve been working in the environmental field for over 20 years, and I believe, like the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, that we’re headed for ‘biological annihilation’, and like the good folk at the Dark Mountain Project, that a crash is coming that we may or may not recover from Read more

    Wind farm open day, July 4th: see what it’s like inside a giant turbine, and ask questions in the pub afterwards

    Dan McCallum of Awel Co-op | 20-Jun-2017 | 0

    It’s Community Energy Fortnight from June 24th – July 9th and all over the country there are events to galvanise support for clean power. To celebrate this and to draw attention to Global Wind Day, we are opening up one of Awel’s turbines for people to see inside a wind turbine. Read more

    Why an economy that’s not dominated by the corporate sector would be much better for individuals, communities and nature

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 27-Apr-2017 | 3

    Lowimpact.org is an organisation that was founded by two people in 2001 because of concerns about ecological damage and what that might mean for the future of humanity. The focus has always been on individual lifestyle change Read more

    Let’s build a sustainable, non-corporate world; but what exactly does ‘non-corporate’ mean?

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 24-Apr-2017 | 0

    This is the first of two articles examining the non-corporate sector, and its advantages for ecology, democracy, communities and individuals. Here’s a checklist of the benefits of reducing the reach of the corporate sector, but first, let’s work out what kind of organisations comprise the non-corporate sector. Read more

    Stunning film of blades lifted onto a giant wind turbine that you can become a co-owner of

    Dan McCallum of Awel Co-op | 18-Nov-2016 | 0

    Double BAFTA-Cymru winner, Mike Harrison, has made a stunning short film, capturing the moments that the blades are lifted onto one of our turbines at dawn. Read more

    Here’s how to get your electricity from a new co-operative with medium-sized wind turbines on farms

    Jon Halle of Sharenergy | 08-Jul-2016 | 13

    The Small Wind Co-op is a new co-operative, putting up three wind turbines on farms in Scotland and Wales. Anyone from anywhere in the UK can join – we’re offering good returns of 4.5% to 6.5% and even the opportunity to use the electricity generated in your own home. Read more

    Do you want to co-own a community wind farm – from £50?

    Dan McCallum of Awel Co-op | 10-May-2016 | 0

    We are really excited to be re-opening the Share Offer for our community windfarm. We raised £734k from our first Share Offer before Christmas and now want to hit the £1,000,000 target. Read more

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