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    Busted flush: why the big water corporations have to go

    Julian Jones of Water21 | 15-May-2024 | 1

    The catastrophic problems of privatised English water companies are well known. Sewerage function and drinking water supply are now more deficient than even before privatisation. Terminal failure was in-built from the start, within the cultural, operational, & regulatory processes applied. Correcting these foundational criteria can help inform the quickest resolution. Read more

    How we go about not wasting our waste – Compost Toilets and Watson Wicks

    Dave Marson of | 04-May-2024 | 1

    Hear about the building of, and ongoing use of, a compost toilet in Brazil. Read more

    New owner sought for low-impact pub and glamping site in rural Suffolk

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 09-Oct-2022 | 4

    Aldegarden is a wonderful site in Suffolk, with accommodation, a community pub, and a ‘glamping’ site with yurts, timber structures, a cob roundhouse, gypsy caravan and a converted barn, communal areas, solar hot water and electricity and compost loos. They’ve been in our directory for years. But now they’re looking for new owners for the property and successful businesses. Read more

    Reflections on building the ‘Commons’ economy

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 17-Jul-2022 | 0

    Lowimpact has been around since 2001, and we’ve provided lots of ways to help people live more sustainably. We’re going to also be focusing on how to build the ‘commons’ economy in future, as a viable alternative to the status quo. Read more

    Composting toilets and city flats: do they match?

    Michelle Smith of Kildwick | 26-Aug-2021 | 6

    Composting toilets are a great choice for low-impact living — for remote or off-grid homes, for self-contained homes, for boats, for camper vans. That much is certain. But is the ‘revolootion’ possible if you’re renting out a flat? With no garden, no plot of land to call your own, does a composting toilet make any… Continue reading Composting toilets and city flats: do they match? Read more

    In praise of the compost toilet: why I love compost loos

    In praise of the compost toilet, Lowimpact.org’s Sophie Paterson shares her love of compost loos, showcasing their versatility and practicality with a rundown of her favourites through the years. Read more

    Our new compost toilets online course is live – and we think you’ll love it!

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 02-Feb-2020 | 0

    We’ve produced an online course on building, using and maintaining a range of different compost toilets. You can purchase the new compost toilets online course here. Read more

    The simplest DIY compost toilet

    Lesley Anderson of | 27-May-2018 | 31

    For several years I lived in a tent in woodland and I never really readjusted to this business of flushing poo away with clean drinking water. Besides, I have always liked to feel I am dealing with my own… stuff, both figuratively and literally. So when we moved into our current house a DIY compost… Continue reading The simplest DIY compost toilet Read more

    Why flushing away ‘waste’ water is a bad idea, and what better options exist

    Like many things in modern life, the vast majority of our current water and wastewater infrastructure is completely dependent upon fossil energy to keep the toilets flushed and the taps running. Read more

    How to get 500 hot showers from your compost heap!

    I guess most people wonder what showers and compost have to do with each other, being showered with compost is probably not anyone’s idea of being cleaned. However there is a perfectly valid connection and it’s one we have been exploiting now for four years and to good effect. Read more

    Taking the pee: is urine a good fertiliser?

    Scarlett Penn of WWOOF UK | 27-Jul-2017 | 17

    Many of us consider it a waste product but, in fact, is urine a good fertiliser? Scarlett Penn of WWOOF UK sets out why we should pause for thought before we flush. Read more

    Can I have a compost loo instead of a chemical toilet in a camper van or a narrowboat?

    First of all, why would you want to do that in the first place? Well, it’s because of the toxic nature of the chemicals used in chemical toilets – but we’ll blog about that later. For now, let’s talk about whether there’s an alternative. Read more

    An example of Joe Jenkins’ ‘humanure’ composting toilet system, used successfully for 9 years

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 04-Aug-2014 | 5

    Our friend Lee has been using a ‘humanure’ compost toilet system, made famous by Joe Jenkins in his book the Humanure Handbook, for over 9 years. I interviewed him to find out how it’s going. Read more

    Opportunity for low-impact person in the Loire valley

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 16-May-2014 | 0

    We’ve been approached by a very nice man called Rod Harper, who has never used a computer in his life, and so asked us for help in finding someone to rent his property in the Loire Valley. Read more

    Revolutionary super-fast composting technique

    Lowimpact.org: Hi Richard – you run courses and sell products related to a revolutionary new superfast composting technique. What is this idea and where does it come from? Read more

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