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    What is WikiHouse?

    Have you heard of the WikiHouse? Find out about this technology and open source construction set. Read more

    Building your own sustainable future

    Andy Reynolds of the Ecolodge | 14-Jul-2021 | 2

    Hi. I’m Andy Reynolds – author, instructor, forester, promoter of self-reliance, and for the last few years I have been reflecting on our project’s progression, as it seems to have reached the stage of early maturity. The project – rebuilding a home, and changing the surrounding fields from dead agricultural land into an oasis of… Continue reading Building your own sustainable future Read more

    Great ways to reduce plastic use in your home: Part 3 – around the home

    Sarah Young of Ethical.net | 04-Nov-2020 | 0

    Explore how to reduce plastic use in the kitchen, living area, bedroom, bathroom and even the garden, with the help of our friends at Ethical.net. Read more

    Great ways to reduce plastic use in your home: Part 2 – cleaning products and toiletries

    Sarah Young of Ethical.net | 28-Oct-2020 | 0

    The second instalment on plastic reduction from Ethical.net takes us through cutting plastic use in our cleaning products and toiletries, with a focus on making your own using the simplest of recipes. Read more

    Great ways to reduce plastic use in your home: Part 1 – what and why

    Sarah Young of Ethical.net | 21-Oct-2020 | 1

    Are you struggling to reduce plastic use in your home? In this first instalment from Ethical.net, we learn why we should be aiming to reduce our plastic use, why recycling isn’t enough and how to get started reducing food-related plastic waste. Read more

    How to make your own sustainable cleaning products

    Sarah Young of Ethical.net | 06-May-2020 | 3

    Wondering how to make your own sustainable cleaning products? Our friends at Ethical.net are here to help, with useful tips galore and a recipe for homemade apple cider vinegar. Read more

    How to start a small garden in your apartment (Part 2)

    Sarah Young of Ethical.net | 27-Nov-2019 | 0

    Just what can you grow indoors? Plenty, it turns out. Ethical.net continue their guide to starting a small garden in your apartment. Catch up with Part 1 here. Read more

    How to start a small garden in your apartment (Part 1)

    Sarah Young of Ethical.net | 13-Nov-2019 | 1

    Living in an urban flat with no access to outdoor space and yearn for greenery? Our friends at Ethical.net have got it covered with their guide to how to start a small garden in your apartment. Read more

    What might buildings, settlements and even regions look like through the lens of Permaculture design?

    Paul Jennings of Criafolen | 26-Aug-2018 | 13

    This is the transcript of a talk given by Paul Jennings to the recent SBUK Big Straw Bale Gathering. Paul has built his straw-bale family home on a ‘One-Planet Development’ smallholding in Wales (costing £12,000). Read more

    How to make your own scallop shell candles

    Richard Phillips of The Soap Kitchen shares how you can make your very own scallop shell candles at home with just three simple ingredients and a bit of elbow grease… Read more

    Models of repopulation: bringing low-impact living to life in rural Europe

    We hear from yurt and tent builders and suppliers Spirits Intent about their new mission to revive low-impact living and rural economies in southern Europe through the Heartland Association. Read more

    Off Grid Festival 2018: another world is possible

    Roxy Piper tells us all about this year’s Off Grid Festival, taking place from 9-12th August in the historic Tapeley Park and Gardens in North Devon, with the theme of Seven Generation Stewardship. Read more

    How I built a Raspberry Pi Space Invaders arcade machine with my kids

    This describes how my kids and I built an arcade machine, based on a Raspberry Pi. So, the first question many of you will be asking is…. Read more

    In praise of the domestic larder: an alternative to the modern fridge

    Once a mainstay of households in times gone by, the humble larder provided a practical storage solution for foodstuffs requiring storage over a longer period of time. Read more

    Taking the pee: is urine a good fertiliser?

    Scarlett Penn of WWOOF UK | 27-Jul-2017 | 16

    Many of us consider it a waste product but, in fact, is urine a good fertiliser? Scarlett Penn of WWOOF UK sets out why we should pause for thought before we flush. Read more

    SuperHomes: free open-house events for you to have a look at homes with renewable and energy-saving technologies

    Richard Vale of Superhomes | 15-Jul-2017 | 0

    This year marks the 10th year of SuperHomes, the innovative and multi-award winning national network of over 200 homes which have all reduced their carbon footprint by a minimum of 60%. There’s a record 100 free Open House events occurring across all parts of UK Read more

    Waste not, want not: 5 tips for collecting salvaged building materials

    Using salvage building materials brings new life to otherwise discarded items.  Reusing materials can inspire creativity and reduce construction costs. But you need to have a plan, or you risk spinning your wheels and burning out from all the leg work involved. Read more

    Why we’d be better off living like the Saxons (with a few mod cons)

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 05-Feb-2017 | 11

    If you spend your life trying to promote low-impact living, you sometimes get asked the most ridiculous questions. More than once I’ve been asked something along the lines of: ‘you want to take us back to the Middle Ages, don’t you?’ Read more

    Building a small home has a big payback

    Let’s get one thing straight right away…When I say “small”, I don’t mean living in a shoe box.   What I mean by “small” is living in a space that is designed…well designed…for your needs…and no more.  A small space doesn’t mean cramped. Read more

    Rent first to see if a self-build home in a cohousing project at an eco-chateau in France is for you

    Ruth Phillips of Eco Chateau | 11-Nov-2016 | 0

    An cohousing eco-hamlet around a chateau in the Dordogne region of France is being formed. You can rent a plot to see if the project is for you, before deciding whether to become a co-owner. Read more

    There’s a crash coming – a slap from Mother Nature. This isn’t pessimistic; it’s realistic.

    The human impact on nature and on each other is accelerating and needs systemic change to reverse.

    We’re not advocating poverty, or a hair-shirt existence. We advocate changes that will mean better lives for almost everyone.

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