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    Low-impact IT posts

    You can help develop non-corporate digital tools to support collaboration between community groups

    Are you sick of having to always use corporate software, that uses your data to track your activities, to try to sell you things, and who knows what else? Read more

    How to contribute to the Credit Commons Society

    Fancy doing something new, interesting, rewarding and potentially world-changing in the new year? Matthew Slater, co-author of the Credit Commons white paper explains how you can join an interesting group of people, and contribute to the development of the Credit Commons Society. Read more

    Keeping your tech ticking: how to extend the lifetime of your laptop

    Have a feeling your device is on its last legs and dreading the day you might have to consider buying a new one? Sophie Paterson shares top tips to keep your technological devices ticking, starting with how to extend the lifetime of your laptop. Read more

    How the REA / Value Flows model can change the world: Lynn Foster of Mikorizal (Part 2)

    Lynn Foster of Mikorizal | 10-Nov-2019 | 0

    Here’s the second part of our interview with Lynn Foster of Mikorizal and the Value Flows model. Part 1 is here. Read more

    Understanding the REA / Value Flows model: Lynn Foster of Mikorizal (Part 1)

    Lynn Foster of Mikorizal | 27-Oct-2019 | 3

    Today Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org / NonCorporate.org is talking with Lynn Foster of Mikorizal and the Value Flows model. We’ve heard some very good things about her work, together with her partner, Bob Haugen. Read more

    Building the open web: an interview with Micky Metts of Agaric

    Micky Metts of Agaric | 07-Jul-2019 | 0

    Dave Darby interviews Micky Metts of Agaric, based in Boston, Massachusetts, who is active in both the co-operative and free/open source movements. Read more

    So long, Doris: how to make a Linux computer from scratch

    When his old computer died, Simon Lennane knew exactly what to do to get back up and running, by building a Linux computer from scratch. Read more

    Co-operativising the tech sector: an interview with Graham Mitchell of Webarchitects & CoTech

    We speak to Graham Mitchell of Cotech about the co-operativisation of the tech sector and helping people switch to free and open source software. Read more

    Is technology the problem? Conversation with Dave King of Breaking the Frame and the New Lucas Plan

    Dave King of Breaking the Frame | 14-Oct-2018 | 16

    This is a conversation between Dave Darby of NonCorporate.org and Dave King of Breaking the Frame and the New Lucas Plan. Dave (K) is opposed to the ‘technocracy’ that he describes as the root cause of environmental destruction and lack of democracy. Read more

    How I built a Raspberry Pi Space Invaders arcade machine with my kids

    This describes how my kids and I built an arcade machine, based on a Raspberry Pi. So, the first question many of you will be asking is…. Read more

    Reduce, reuse… repair? The repair renaissance building skills and communities

    With UK media decrying a recent YouGov survey revealing a whopping 69% of 18-24 year olds in the UK don’t know how to bleed a radiator and 54% would be flummoxed replacing a fuse, what hope is there for a repair renaissance amidst the current tide of throwaway consumerism? Read more

    How much electricity does Bitcoin consume, and what are the alternatives?

    When an idea grows far beyond its original conception, develops its own culture, factions & internal dynamics, and through implementation compromises with the real world, it can become the very enemy of what it first espoused. Read more

    £30, credit-card-sized, non-corporate, low-energy computers set up to run Linux; any boxes not ticked there?

    These are cheap (£30) mini computers that run Linux and will make a good second computer for children (for example), a media player in another room, or a data server. It might save people buying another laptop and it means you can reuse the peripherals of older PCs (screen, mouse etc). Read more

    Can you offer your IT skills to help build a website to challenge the pro-corporate bias in UK trade deals?

    Linda Kaucher of Stop TTIP | 24-Oct-2017 | 2

    Website help needed: with Brexit, the UK will be heading into international ‘trade’ deals, which are likely to be as much about establishing corporate rights and diminishing democracy as the EU/US TTIP – a deal that is now on the back-burner. Read more

    Low-impact & the city 12: switching to the Phone Co-op (do it today!)

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 25-Jul-2017 | 1

    The Phone Co-op is the UK’s only co-operative telecoms provider. 100% member-owned, they have a democratic internal structure and no external shareholders. You can just become a customer, or you can become a member too, and have a say in the way the co-op is run. Read more

    Resilient networks: building a low-tech internet

    A solution to the absence of high-speed wireless networks across some developing countries and increasingly appearing in the form of WiFi based community networks in numerous countries in Europe, building a low-tech internet could have benefits for all. With excerpts from an original Low-tech Magazine article by Kris De Decker, we explore how a less resource-intensive and more energy-efficient… Continue reading Resilient networks: building a low-tech internet Read more

    Low-impact & the city 11: buying a laptop without Windows – with Linux or with no operating system at all

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 08-Mar-2017 | 2

    This is the last in a series of articles to help you to jettison Windows and corporate software generally. Read more

    Companies like Fairphone, Ecotricity etc. are doing great things, but could easily be picked off by the corporate sector; why aren’t they co-ops?

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 15-Dec-2016 | 6

    Body Shop, Green & Blacks, Ben & Jerry’s and Innocent Drinks represented a Brave New World when it came to doing business – Fair Trade, sustainable, (slightly) less hierarchical, informal, friendly. Read more

    Low-impact & the city 5: if a non-techie like me can switch to open source, so can you

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 12-Oct-2016 | 8

    I’ve found that learning about how to change to open source software can be difficult for non-techies. Yes, you can easily find the websites that contain the information you need, but it’s almost never written in a style that non-techies can understand. Read more

    ‘Restart’ parties: prolong the life of your electrical goods and pick up some useful skills in the process

    Dave Darby of Lowimpact.org | 28-Sep-2015 | 0

    On Saturday I dropped into a ‘Restart’ party near to where I live in Tooting. If you don’t know what a Restart party is – they’re a group of techies who raise funds to be able to hold events in various locations where the public can turn up with broken electrical goods and be trained… Continue reading ‘Restart’ parties: prolong the life of your electrical goods and pick up some useful skills in the process Read more

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