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    8 amazing benefits from street trees

    Saoirse of Trees for Streets | 26-Jul-2023 | 0

    Read about the importance of street trees and one group’s mission to make sure their role in our life is recognised. Read more

    Human scale technology at the Green Fair

    This is a call out to designers, inventors, makers and creators of alternatively powered human scale appropriate technology. Read more

    Why carbon offsetting through tree planting won’t help solve the climate crisis

    Ian Scoones of Steps Centre | 23-Nov-2022 | 1

    Plans to protect 30% of the planet by 2030 rely too heavily on carbon offsetting by tree planting. Read why this is not such a good idea. Read more

    Hedgelaying and culture wars

    Nick Mann of Habitat Aid | 22-Dec-2021 | 0

    Nick Mann bemoans the fact that many concerned about conservation are opposing hedgelaying on social media because of a perception that it’s damaging to plants and wildlife. Read more

    Sacred forests of Ethiopia: how they can be recreated anywhere

    In these days of gloom and confusion it is good to remember that our world is not ONE continuous story where everything inexorably gets worse – or better – but that our world is full of many stories that are unfolding in parallel. This weekend I was uplifted by the moving account of the holy… Continue reading Sacred forests of Ethiopia: how they can be recreated anywhere Read more

    Can burning biomass be sustainable?

    “Burning biomass is just another path to environmental destruction,” claims a recent article in The Ecologist. Really? Simon Fairlie, who has blithely been burning biomass for the last 50 years, investigates. Read more

    For the love of trees: my musings on trees

    Sean Fagan of Pioneer Bushcraft brings the outdoors to life as he shares his musings on trees and why it is he loves them so. Read more

    Becoming a woodland owner: an alternative view

    Andy Reynolds of the Ecolodge | 15-Apr-2020 | 3

    There are many and various drivers behind the desire to become a woodland owner, varying from wishing to impose one’s self on the landscape and latterly build a house on a green field site; to the other end of the spectrum to benignly caring for an increasingly rare habitat. Read more

    Could you help save ancient woodlands as a “threat detector” with the Woodland Trust?

    As the number of UK ancient woodlands threatened by built development tops the 1000 mark, we hear from Ruby Harrison at the Woodland Trust about their volunteer “threat detectors” and how you can join them. Read more

    How invasive non-native species threaten our woods and what we can do to help

    Approximately 2000 non-native plant and animal species have been introduced into the UK, causing irreparable damage and changing landscapes forever. The Woodland Trust looks at how non-native species are invading UK woodlands and what can be done to stop the spread. Read more

    Develop skills at the Hillyfield barn-building project on Dartmoor this summer

    Low-impact forestry hub and much more besides, the Hilliyfield are looking for volunteers to help with their barn-building project on Dartmoor this summer. Doug King-Smith tells us more. Read more

    Fancy joining the Pentiddy Woods family on an immersive 9 month internship?

    Ele Waters of Pentiddy | 09-May-2019 | 0

    Here’s your chance! We hear from Ele and Anthony at Pentiddy Woods about a unique learning opportunity on offer from October 2019. Read more

    How to source timber: a joiner’s point of view

    Andy Reynolds of the Ecolodge | 11-Dec-2018 | 1

    From growing the trees to selecting the right timber for the job, Andy Reynolds brings a lifetime of experience in forestry, carpentry and innovative thinking to timber for building. Here he explains how to source timber as responsibly as you can. Read more

    Living and working as a horse logger in Scotland

    Lesley Anderson of | 06-Nov-2018 | 4

    Steffi Schaffler lives and works in Scotland, running a horse logging business along with her partner Dave and 3 horses. Read more

    Wood durability guide: timber durability chart & database

    Our woodworker friends at Gate Expectations have put together this great chart of timber durability for anyone working with wood (1 is most durable and 5 is least). Over to Rob from here. Read more

    Diary of a tree planter

    Jessie Watson Brown of | 29-Mar-2018 | 7

    During winter, while the animals hibernate and the trees sleep, magic happens on hillsides across the land – forests are created! A brief account of the ups and downs of life for a tree planter this winter… creating a woodland on a farm in Devon. Read more

    How to use solar power in woodlands and on woodland smallholdings

    Andy Reynolds of the Ecolodge | 22-Mar-2018 | 3

    I have been running our home for the last decade or so using wind and solar electricity. The experiences of building this system have been distilled into a book, of which we are now in the third edition. Read more

    How to identify trees in winter

    Jessie Watson Brown of | 11-Jan-2018 | 0

    It’s one thing to identify deciduous trees in summer, with their distinctive leaves on full show, but what about winter? Without leaves, we have to look at other telltale signs. After a bit of practice, it can be easier than you think. Have a go, using these helpful methods, which will make it easier to… Continue reading How to identify trees in winter Read more

    Making an ash pack basket

    Ruby Taylor of Native Hands | 21-Nov-2017 | 4

    In a post kindly shared from the Native Hands blog, our basketry specialist Ruby Taylor recounts a recent trip to the woods to make a beautiful ash pack basket. Read more

    Using pigs for woodland conservation

    Lesley Anderson of | 02-Nov-2017 | 3

    At this year’s Scottish Smallholder Festival  I attended a fascinating talk by Jack Flusk and Katie Swift of Conservation Pigs about their pioneering use of pigs for woodland conservation work. With benefits to the pigs, the pig keeper and the woodland this is a practice which could become far more widespread. Read more

    There’s a crash coming – a slap from Mother Nature. This isn’t pessimistic; it’s realistic.

    The human impact on nature and on each other is accelerating and needs systemic change to reverse.

    We’re not advocating poverty, or a hair-shirt existence. We advocate changes that will mean better lives for almost everyone.

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