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Festival of Commoning, Stroud, Gloucs, Sep 13-15, 2024

A Festival of Commoning in the UK: Stroud, Gloucestershire, September 13/14/15 2024. The time is right for a Festival of the Commons. Read more

Is the corporate digital takeover of big cities ‘progress’?

Dave Darby of | 01-Jan-2024 | 0

In Brett Scott’s blog post, The War on Informality, he talks about his impressions of London after some time away, how it’s becoming more and more difficult to escape surveillance capitalism, and how it’s seeping into every area of Londoners’ lives. Read more

Helping commons groups form and grow in Stroud and other towns (and countries)

Dave Darby of | 05-Dec-2023 | 2

Commons ideas have gone down well in Stroud and we have thriving groups in various sectors. We’ve been approached by formative groups in several towns in the UK and in other countries. Read more

Restanza and the cultural commons

Paul Jennings of Criafolen | 20-Nov-2023 | 0

We’d like to see the commons economy grow to allow people (especially young people) to stay in their communities, rather than having to move to big cities to work in the corporate sector and pay extortionate rents. Here, Paul Jennings (who we’re liaising with about the commons in Llandeilo) talks about the concept of ‘Restanza’… Continue reading Restanza and the cultural commons Read more

‘Bear ye one another’s burdens’: friendly societies for social welfare

Dave Darby of | 30-Oct-2023 | 1

Every neighbourhood had a friendly society. At their height, just before WW1 9 million people were members of friendly societies in the UK! Read more

How to build an energy commons

This is a draft outline of a design for an energy commons in any town – an energy sector owned by communities, providing affordable, locally-generated, renewable energy. Read more

Resistance Festival to help save Monkton Wyld Court

A resistance festival of free workshops and music is taking place at Monkton Wyld Court, nr Lyme Regis. This is in support of the community that has run Monkton Wyld Court for the last fifteen years, and is now threatened by incoming charity trustees. Monkton Wyld Court is the site of a microdairy which dates… Continue reading Resistance Festival to help save Monkton Wyld Court Read more

Taking the water industry off the water companies: Julian Jones of Water21, Part 1

Julian Jones of Water21 | 12-Aug-2023 | 0

Part 1 of an interview with Julian Jones, a water engineer and distinguished fellow of the Schumacher Institute, about building a water commons for Stroud. Read more

More on the money problem: it doesn’t have to be ‘scarce’

Following on from a recent post by Tom Greco, on the essential nature of money, Dil Green of and Mutual Credit Services here talks about its apparent scarcity, how that negatively affects our communities and our well-being, and how it could be different – based on mutual credit and the commons economy. Read more

Stroud Commons 5: forming a ‘commoners’ group for each sector of the economy

Amrit Sachar of Stroud Commons | 23-Jul-2023 | 0

This is the latest in a series of articles documenting our group’s attempts to build the commons economy in Stroud, in a way that can be implemented in other towns, and connected together to build the foundations of a new, commons economy. It covers what we’ve done so far, and how people can get involved. Read more

An authoritarian world government is not going to save us

A growing question for environmentalists is the extent to which the existential threat we face means that countries and populations should be forced to reduce consumption, and hence whether an authoritarian politics is the best way to face the future. Read more

Conversation with Jem Bendell, part 2: how should we respond to the collapse of capitalism?

Jem Bendell of | 02-Jul-2023 | 0

This is the second part of a conversation between Dave Darby of and Jem Bendell, professor of sustainability leadership at the University of Cumbria, and author of the now famous 2018 Deep Adaptation paper that claimed that we’re on an inevitable path to civilisational collapse. Read more

Conversation with Jem Bendell, part 1: is industrial capitalism coming to an end?

Jem Bendell of | 25-Jun-2023 | 6

This is the first part of a conversation between Dave Darby of and Jem Bendell, professor of sustainability leadership at the University of Cumbria, and author of the now famous 2018 Deep Adaptation paper that claimed that we’re on an inevitable path to civilisational collapse. Read more

Regenerative traditions in Africa: inspiration for the commons everywhere

Building the commons may be hard in wealthier countries, where traditions of mutual aid were lost many years ago. But they’re still alive and well in other parts of the world – as this article by Janet of Grassroots Economics / Sarafu Network shows. I interviewed the director of Grassroots Economics, Shaila Agha, who told me about ‘chamas’ in Kenya – mutual savings groups, built on trusted relationships in local communities. Read more

Stroud Commons 4: new website

Dave Darby of | 14-May-2023 | 0

Stroud Commons now has a website – Please tell anyone you know in Stroud about us. We’re looking for people to get involved. Read more

Stroud Commons part 3: ‘Money Talks’ public event with Brett Scott, May 19

Dave Darby of | 23-Apr-2023 | 0

Stroud ‘commoners club’ is hosting a public event at the Trinity Rooms in Stroud on Friday, May 19 at 7pm. If you live in Stroud, please do come along, and if you know anyone in Stroud, please let them know. Read more

Stroud Commons part 2: starting a ‘commoners club’

Dave Darby of | 12-Mar-2023 | 3

A group of us in Stroud (Gloucs) have formed a ‘commoners club’ to try to build commons infrastructure here, and to document what happens so that it can be replicated in other towns. Read more

Rewilding or local food production?

We like the idea of rewilding, but it needs much more thought when it removes good UK lowland farmland – because then, obviously, land elsewhere will have to brought into agricultural production to take up the slack. Read more

Small is beautiful, but is it regenerative?

Can small scale farms be sustainable and regenerative? Read more

Organic smallholdings, not ‘farm-free’ food factories

Chris Smaje of Vallis Veg | 13-Nov-2022 | 3

Another critical review of George Monbiot’s latest book, Regenesis, by Chris Smaje, author of Small Farm Future. This follows on from last week’s review by Simon Fairlie. Read more

There’s a crash coming – a slap from Mother Nature. This isn’t pessimistic; it’s realistic.

The human impact on nature and on each other is accelerating and needs systemic change to reverse.

We’re not advocating poverty, or a hair-shirt existence. We advocate changes that will mean better lives for almost everyone.

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