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Overland to Australia 4: yurts/gers in Mongolia

Sam Ryan of | 25-Jan-2013 | 0

Sam Ryan worked for in the UK for a year, and is now on his way overland, with his partner Dani, back home to Australia to set up Low-impact Australia over there. He’s sending us a few blog articles en route. Read more

Craftivism: new year’s revolution!

Barley Massey of Fabrications | 17-Jan-2013 | 0

New Year Revolutions! Revolution = A turning, change (dictionary definition). It’s the start of a new year again, many of us will have made resolutions, usually to give something up – like smoking. Read more

What’s the potential for the Permaculture, Co-operative and Transition Movements to bring about real change?

Dave Darby of | 07-Jan-2013 | 0

What I want to argue is that these are superb movements, promoting as they do, ways of living that are oriented towards nature, co-operation, and face-to-face contact in local communites. Read more

Twirligro small-space vertical gardening

Iain Findlay of Whirligro | 04-Jan-2013 | 0

The Twirligro crowd fund ( aims to raise £4000 by January 19th to help fund an initial run of a new product aimed at the burgeoning interest in vertical gardening. Read more

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