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The first two-storey, load-bearing straw-bale house in the UK

Rachel Shiamh of a Quiet Earth | 30-May-2013 | 4

Almost twenty years ago I left the life I knew to live on an acre of terraced woodland in Pembrokeshire. A friend helped me to build an 8x12ft shed and I had the beginnings of my own home. In all naivety, I thought I could live on my own land Read more

The story of money, and how it built an empire

Dave Darby of | 18-May-2013 | 0

Here’s a story. Some of you may know it, but I’m guessing that most people don’t, which is surprising because it has enormous importance for the way we live today, and how our children might live in the future. Read more

Everything is one: a blackbird told me

Dave Darby of | 07-May-2013 | 0

I’m writing this listening to a blackbird singing. Short bursts of song, a different tune every time. The blackbird occasionally drops down to the lawn, pecks around, pulls out a worm and flies off to eat it. Read more

The European Commission wants to stop us saving seeds

Dave Darby of | 03-May-2013 | 0

Dear friends, How many times have we asked you to write to your MP, European or otherwise? Never, that’s how many. So this is a first. It’s a plea to take 5 minutes out of your bank holiday weekend Read more

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