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12/2013 posts

Our award for most misleading and mendacious article of 2013 goes to MoneyWeek’s ‘End of Britain’

Dave Darby of | 29-Dec-2013 | 0

You may have seen a sensationalist video called ‘the End of Britain’ that’s been doing the rounds throughout 2013. It’s a flashy, authoritative-looking video, and well it should be, as it’s produced by MoneyWeek Magazine Read more

Why some soap-makers refuse to use palm oil and how you can help them Hi Katrina – you make and sell soaps that don’t contain any palm oil. We wanted to talk to you about why you came to that decision, and what you use instead. To start, what is palm oil used for in soap making? Read more

Introducing the Land Workers’ Alliance – representing small-scale producers

We wanted to introduce the Land Workers’ Alliance (LWA) via a first-hand account of their AGM, held at Trill Farm, Dorset, on the 23rd & 24th of November, 2013. Read more

This is how ‘development’ works – from a low-impact perspective & as reported in the corporate press

Dave Darby of | 06-Dec-2013 | 2

This is how ‘development’ works. NB: you can substitute any rich country for Germany, and any poor country for Zambia. In the boardroom of a global corporation in Germany, the following conversation takes place: Read more

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