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What I learnt about US Middle East policy and the international oil market in a kebab shop in Tooting

Dave Darby of | 28-Jun-2015 | 12

I learnt something about US foreign policy (or more accurately, corporate foreign policy – this has nothing to do with the American people) in a kebab shop in Tooting – or rather, I didn’t so much learn about the foreign policy as how events that are largely unknown to most British people are common currency for… Continue reading What I learnt about US Middle East policy and the international oil market in a kebab shop in Tooting Read more

Why we need to stop TTIP if we care about the national health services of European countries

As negotiations continue between Europe and the US on the Transatlantic Trade and InvestmentPartnership (TTIP), concerns are mounting among civil society groups over the implications for public healthcare. Read more

Low-impact & the city 1: introduction – how possible is it to live in a sustainable, non-corporate way in a city?

Dave Darby of | 24-Jun-2015 | 23

I lived at Redfield Community for 13 years – it’s where was born – but now I live in London, and so I’m assessing my options for living as low-impact a life as I can. Read more

Fermi’s paradox: does the lack of contact from extraterrestrials have implications for human survival?

Paul Jennings of Criafolen | 22-Jun-2015 | 1

“Where is everybody?” Enrico Fermi is supposed to have asked in 1950 of his colleagues at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Working from first principles, Fermi calculated that extraterrestrials should have visited the Earth long ago, and many times over Read more

I’ve joined the board of the Ecological Land Co-operative because I want to change the way land is owned and farmed

Dave Darby of | 19-Jun-2015 | 3

On Wednesday evening I attended the AGM of the Ecological Land Co-op at Freightliners City Farm in London. I was standing for election to the board after being invited to apply by Shaun Chamberlin of Dark Optimism Read more

Support the art of blockprinting fabrics – watch this fantastic video of how it’s done and we’re sure you’ll want to

This hand block printed bed and table linen is made from organically grown cotton, certified by IMO, sourced by Hilary in India and printed at a small workshop in Rajasthan Read more

Introducing Yorkley Court Community Farm – you can help them to secure their land with a land trust, and avoid eviction

Yorkley Court Community Farm is in the Forest of Dean. They contacted us as they’re involved in a legal battle to stay on the land that they’re currently occupying. The ownership of the land is contested, but a lot of damage has been done Read more

Want to see land shared more equally, and managed ecologically? If so, here’s what to do

We used to get people on our straw-bale building courses who were amazed at how simple and quick a technique it is. They’d sometimes say ‘wow, I’m going to get a few acres and build my own home!’ and we’d have to inform them that they might have to do it in another country. Read more

Why Panorama’s GM propaganda was false, there is no food shortage and we don’t need GM to feed the world

Dave Darby of | 11-Jun-2015 | 0

Did you see the BBC’s Panorama on monday, promoting the GM (genetic modification) industry? Here are four reasons their message is just pure propaganda on behalf of the corporate sector. Read more

So do MPs deserve a 10% pay rise to £74,000 per annum?

Peter Richardson of | 09-Jun-2015 | 1

There is an argument [see the Guardian, for example] currently going on about whether Westminster MPs deserve the 10% pay rise that they’ve been awarded, bringing a back-bencher’s salary up to £74,000. Read more

Will nature deal with our crop and garden pests if we don’t intervene or use poisons?

Paul Jennings of Criafolen | 05-Jun-2015 | 2

It’s been cold, really cold. For a while I thought it was just that my new garden is on a very exposed site, and until the windbreaks really get going I’m going to have to put up with a late start to the season. Read more

City bans fracking; legislators overturn it and receive $25k each from oil and gas industry. Is this democracy?

Dave Darby of | 03-Jun-2015 | 0

A city in Texas voted to ban fracking within its city limits. The ban in Denton passed with around 60% of the vote. Read more

How would you rank these in order of importance: truth, happiness, justice, freedom?

Dave Darby of | 01-Jun-2015 | 1

It’s the next readers’ question in Philosophy Now magazine (much recommended, by the way), and when I saw it yesterday, I had a very strong reaction to it that has big implications for Lowimpact’s position on sustainability and democracy Read more

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