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Craft in a crisis: helping heritage crafts come back from the brink

With a host of already endangered heritage crafts at even greater risk as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, what does the future hold and how can we play a part in helping heritage crafts survive and even thrive? Sophie Paterson explores. Read more

New money stories: the eleven dollar bill

Dave Darby of | 21-Mar-2021 | 7

I’m writing a book – published by Chelsea Green next January – about the possibility of building a new economy around a moneyless, mutual credit core, at a time when money is going to be scarce. I’m often told that the best way to get new ideas across is with a story. Read more

A beginners’ guide to farmers’ markets: Part 2

Sarah Young of | 18-Mar-2021 | 0

In the second instalment of A beginners’ guide to farmers’ markets, Elizabeth Waddington of explores how to find and what to expect at your local farmers’ market, as well as how to ensure your shop is as affordable as possible. Read more

A beginners’ guide to farmers’ markets: Part 1

Sarah Young of | 10-Mar-2021 | 0

Not sure how to make the most of your local farmers’ market? In the first part of A beginners’ guide to farmers’ markets, Elizabeth Waddington of sets out how and why shopping at your local farmers’ market can make a real and positive difference. Read more

Incredible new research: how small businesses can be saved post-Covid

Dave Darby of | 07-Mar-2021 | 5

It seems pretty obvious that there’s a giant economic slump on the way that’s going to sweep away millions of small and medium-sized businesses around the world, so that Amazon can step in to continue to try to take over the entire global economy. Read more

In praise of the compost toilet: why I love compost loos

In praise of the compost toilet,’s Sophie Paterson shares her love of compost loos, showcasing their versatility and practicality with a rundown of her favourites through the years. Read more

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