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The laya: wonder tool

Phil Miller of Bizipoza Tours | 28-Nov-2012 | 0

Soil management is a big subject. It seems to require the balancing of; drainage, crop rotation, enriching with compost and turning mechanically. It can be approached as a science or an art because it consists of both. Read more

Recent findings on glyphosate, and why we don’t need GM food

Dave Darby of | 21-Nov-2012 | 0

Do you know what glyphosate is? It’s a herbicide developed by Monsanto, sold under the trade name Roundup – the most widely-used pesticide in the world. Genetically-engineered (Roundup ready) soy has been developed to tolerate glyphosate. Read more

Affordable, natural, homes for smallholdings: how you can help

First some background, then below is Zoe’s appeal for letters of support. Wouldn’t it be good if people were allowed to put up their own natural home on their own land, to produce food for themselves and for the rest of us. Read more

Overland to Australia 3: Trans-Siberian Railway

Sam Ryan of | 05-Nov-2012 | 0

Sam Ryan worked for in the UK for a year, and is now on his way overland, with his partner Dani, back home to Australia to set up Low-impact Australia over there. He’s going to send us a few blog articles en route. This third one is about the trans-Siberian railway. Read more

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