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Keeping pigs: the story of a pig co-op

In 2012 some households in our village decided to start a pig co-op/club. Living in a Somerset village and with several interested neighbours, one of whom had the space needed, we all got together for an informal meeting Read more

What low-impacters are up to around the country: Meadow Forge

Dave Darby of | 14-Aug-2014 | 0

Nestled in, part way down the side of a beautiful valley in Devon, is probably the most interesting, bonkers, chaotic and inspiring workshop I’ve ever been in. Housed inside what was once an open cow shed, this is where long-standing network member, Dean Aggett, Read more

Here’s how you can visit ‘superhomes’ – old houses that have been refurbished for energy efficiency

Gordon Glass of SuperHomes | 13-Aug-2014 | 0

‘Superhomes’ is a project run by our old friends at the National Energy Foundation. In September there are open houses all over the country that you can visit to see what kinds of improvements the owners have made Read more

Tim Harford – the ‘Undercover Economist’ – thinks that the economy can grow forever. Here’s why he’s wrong

Dave Darby of | 08-Aug-2014 | 0

Here’s an article that I came across recently. It was written by Tim Harford, the ‘Undercover Economist’, who points out that physicists are telling economists that economic growth can’t continue forever because of the exponential function Read more

An example of Joe Jenkins’ ‘humanure’ composting toilet system, used successfully for 9 years

Dave Darby of | 04-Aug-2014 | 5

Our friend Lee has been using a ‘humanure’ compost toilet system, made famous by Joe Jenkins in his book the Humanure Handbook, for over 9 years. I interviewed him to find out how it’s going. Read more

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