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02/2015 posts

One Planet Development opportunity next to Lammas eco-village in Wales

Dave Darby of | 26-Feb-2015 | 2

Here’s an opportunity to you potential smallholders / rat-race escapees: A thirty acre field next to the Lammas ecovillage has come up for sale.  Read more

You can help a low-impact, off-grid community obtain permanent planning permission

Ed Morriss of Drawfire | 24-Feb-2015 | 0

This is an opportunity to represent and to support our friends at the Steward Community Woodland in their application for permanent planning permission. After 15 years of successful experimentation in sustainable living, they are now applying for permanent planning permission Read more

Here’s our new ‘manifesto’. We’d be interested in your feedback

Dave Darby of | 23-Feb-2015 | 7

Our manifesto We now know that the richest 1% of the world own the same amount of wealth as the other 99%. But it’s worse than that. Read more

To all applicants for our publishing job (except one): sorry

Dave Darby of | 16-Feb-2015 | 1

We had 53 applicants for this job, and I have to say that (almost) all of them were absolutely bloody brilliant. The applications represented an embarrassment of riches for us, which means that I’m embarrassed (and sad) to say ‘no’ to all but one of them. Read more

What to say to people who claim that economic growth can continue forever

Dave Darby of | 11-Feb-2015 | 15

Have you ever had an argument with someone who believes that the economy can grow forever? Difficult, isn’t it? What appears completely clear and logical to you seems to confuse them. Read more

Getting off-grid: developing a wood gasifier in the woods in darkest Buckinghamshire

Ed Morriss of Drawfire | 06-Feb-2015 | 10

As industrial society continues on its capitalist and consumer-led treadmill, its detrimental effect on ecology and the environment are accelerating whilst the returns diminish. As a counter to this, a growing number of people across the world are building communities and working to become independent Read more

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