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Class War vs Cereal Killer: is this the way to promote anarchism?

Dave Darby of | 29-Sep-2015 | 19

You must know by now about Class War‘s ‘attack’ on hipster cereal cafe ‘Cereal Killer‘. It wasn’t much of an attack, to be honest – no-one was hurt and they were open again the next day. But were they right to target Cereal Killer in their anger about the gentrification of Shoreditch? Read more

‘Restart’ parties: prolong the life of your electrical goods and pick up some useful skills in the process

Dave Darby of | 28-Sep-2015 | 0

On Saturday I dropped into a ‘Restart’ party near to where I live in Tooting. If you don’t know what a Restart party is – they’re a group of techies who raise funds to be able to hold events in various locations where the public can turn up with broken electrical goods and be trained… Continue reading ‘Restart’ parties: prolong the life of your electrical goods and pick up some useful skills in the process Read more

If Corbyn became PM, what would he really be able to achieve in this system?

Dave Darby of | 26-Sep-2015 | 2

First, to reiterate something that has been pointed out on this site many times – the corporate empire is global and governments are national, and that fact alone means that national governments are in no position to challenge the corporate sector. Read more

How do you fancy building your own small wind turbine?

Robin Duval of V3 Power | 24-Sep-2015 | 12

The UK has one of the world’s best wind resources, and exploiting it with small wind turbines is something that, in the right context, can be a very efficient source of power. Wind turbines, however, come with a fairly long list of handicaps when comparing them to other renewable technologies such as solar. Read more

Wanted: new members for a co-operative farm – you are invited to an exploratory weekend

You are invited to Ffynnon Teilo Farm Activity Weekend, to explore creating a co-operative farm – Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th of September. Activities will include: pond clearing, footpath and step renovation, fire making, campsite cooking and farm tour. Camping space available Saturday night. Read more

EU Trade Commission suggests removal of corporations’ right to sue governments from TTIP negotiations; US very unhappy

Dave Darby of | 20-Sep-2015 | 0

The biggest objection from the European public to the proposed TTIP trade deal (see here if you don’t know about it) is that multinational corporations will be able to sue elected governments (national or local) if it can be shown that legislation reduces corporate profits in any way. Read more

This is what ‘transparency’ means when it comes to TTIP

Dave Darby of | 18-Sep-2015 | 0

Hilarious infographic by SumOfUs on what ‘transparency’ means in TTIP negotiations. But of course it isn’t funny at all. We’d like to see an economy of small businesses Read more

Get inspired to grow your own food: visit gardens producing food in cities

Edible Gardens Open Day is an annual event for Londoners to explore secret gardens, embark on an edible walking tour, or venture further afield to discover people growing in novel places. It’s now happening in other cities too.  Read more

Want to experience what life is like in an intentional community?

Dave Darby of | 14-Sep-2015 | 13

I joined Redfield Community in Buckinghamshire in 1996 and lived there for 13 years. It’s a Victorian mansion in 18 acres of woodland, fields, gardens and orchards – a registered housing co-op with around 15 adults and 8 kids on average, although people come and go. Read more

Conversation with the ‘Moneyless Man’: our problems are way beyond policy changes – we need a new system

Dave Darby of | 12-Sep-2015 | 23

Mark Boyle, the ‘Moneyless Man‘ came to visit last Wednesday. It was the first time we’d met, although we’ve exchanged emails for years. As I suspected I would, I found him to be an inspirational character. Read more

Seed saving: a great idea, and now’s the time to start thinking about it

One of the pleasures of autumn is gathering seeds. It’s a hopeful optimistic act that conjures up thoughts of the next spring, and by and large it’s pretty simple act. Read more

Economists: listen to this man and if you are intellectually honest you will begin to question the basic assumptions of your discipline

Dave Darby of | 08-Sep-2015 | 4

This guy is a genius. His name is Miklos Antal – I’d never heard of him before, but his every word cuts through the nonsense that lies at the heart of classical economic theory. Read more

Why does our list of topics include vegetarianism, veganism AND keeping animals?

Dave Darby of | 06-Sep-2015 | 8

Isn’t that a bit inconsistent? If we think that vegetarianism or veganism is a good idea, how can we also think that keeping animals – most of which are kept for meat – is a good idea too? Read more

How to preserve pork on a smallholding

In 2014 we had pigs for the first time. Up until then we had only had chickens. We don’t have a freezer in the woods and where you can eat a chicken before it goes off at fridge temperatures, a pig requires preserving. Read more

10 reasons you should care about TTIP, and what you can do about it

Dave Darby of | 02-Sep-2015 | 0

TTIP (the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) is a trade deal between the US and the EU, being carried out right now, in secret, ostensibly to co-ordinate and standardise legislation and to provide clarity, stability and confidence for companies that would like to invest in other countries, and to stimulate growth. Read more

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