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The Wool Journey Part 11: which yarn to make?

Sue Blacker of The Natural Fibre Company continues The Wool Journey with the all of important question: which yarn to make? Read more

We’re launching a national mutual credit scheme and here’s why we’d like you to join

We’re working with other groups, including, the Credit Commons Collective and author Tom Greco to build a UK-wide mutual credit network. Read more

Of watermelons and apples: climate breakdown, growth, trade, state and money (an open letter to George Monbiot)

Eloise Sentito of These Isles | 25-Oct-2018 | 0

Dear George, Congratulations on your contribution to the Moral Maze last week – I switched on the radio just as your volley articulating the ideological differentiation between fiscal and legal rationing fairly seared the waves. Read more

Is the Western mindset the source of our current ecological and social problems?

Dorian Cavé of IFLAS | 23-Oct-2018 | 20

What was it about European cultural development that led to the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions, capitalism and environmental destruction? Why didn’t it happen in the apparently much more fertile ground of China, India or the Arab world? Read more

Are you ‘radical’, and if not, why not?

Dave Darby of | 21-Oct-2018 | 0

I’m using the original definition of the word, not its bastardisation that over the years has come to be used as a kind of insult in some circles. I’ve been called ‘too radical’, and I want to show why that’s an absurdity. Read more

Jo’s Mini Meadow Part 6: magic of the wool carder bee and leafcutter bee

Jo Cartmell of Nearby Wild | 18-Oct-2018 | 0

Jo Cartmell of NearbyWild shares Part 6 of her mini meadow series. This time, she has a close encounter with two very special guests to her garden: a wool carder bee and leafcutter bee. Read more

LED lighting: is it the way forward for offices?

Martin Cross of INUI | 16-Oct-2018 | 1

With halogen bulbs being phased out across Europe, the future is looking bright for LED lighting. We learn from Martin Cross at INUI about the benefits it has to offer, particularly for office workers. Read more

Is technology the problem? Conversation with Dave King of Breaking the Frame and the New Lucas Plan

Dave King of Breaking the Frame | 14-Oct-2018 | 16

This is a conversation between Dave Darby of and Dave King of Breaking the Frame and the New Lucas Plan. Dave (K) is opposed to the ‘technocracy’ that he describes as the root cause of environmental destruction and lack of democracy. Read more

How to build a cob oven in your garden with Sigi Koko – Part 2

Sigi Koko of Down to Earth Design shares a step-by-step building process to help you build your very own outdoor cob oven using local natural materials. Read more

How to build a cob oven in your garden with Sigi Koko – Part 1

We learn from Sigi Koko at Down to Earth Design about how to build a cob oven using local natural materials and firewood as fuel. In this first installment, she covers the preparation stages. Read more

Gross Domestic Problem on World Animal Day with Brian Czech

Brian Czech of CASSE | 07-Oct-2018 | 1

Thursday 4th October marked World Animal Day 2018. Here, Brian Czech challenges us to face up to the big-picture, systematic erosion of wild animal welfare in the face of a seemingly continual quest for economic growth. Read more

Why my farm is not a “permaculture farm” with Marit Parker of Just Wild – Garw Teg

Marit Parker of Garw Teg | 04-Oct-2018 | 4

Farmer and permaculture practitioner Marit Parker of Just Wild-Garw Teg shares why she chose not to label her farm in Wales as a “permaculture farm”. Read more

Seeking future farmers for East Sussex: apply to be a smallholder with the Ecological Land Cooperative

The Ecological Land Cooperative opens smallholder applications for future farmers at their East Sussex site, continuing the work of generating ecological farming opportunities and rural enterprise. We hear from Lauren Simpson about how you can apply for this unique opportunity. Read more

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