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11/2018 posts

Record numbers clean up in the Marine Conservation Society’s 25th Great British Beach Clean

Results show community clean-ups have made a dent in beach litter figures this year but this masks a growing plastic litter trend, according to organisers of the Great British Beach Clean, the Marine Conservation Society. Read more

Be part of keeping UK community-owned wind power alive

Jon Halle of Sharenergy | 27-Nov-2018 | 0

From launching Scotland’s first 100% co-operatively-owned wind turbine to supporting community solar and hydro-electricity projects across the country, Sharenergy are working hard to keep UK community-owned wind power and more alive in the UK. Read more

How can permaculture contribute to building a new economy? Conversation with Andy Goldring of the Permaculture Association

We’re going to be publishing a range of videos of interviews with key people involved in building the new economy – an economy that is democratic, non-extractive and sustainable.  Read more

Big news for Bridport Cohousing CLT as a planning decision is reached

We share exciting news from Bridport Cohousing CLT in Dorset, as they celebrate a landmark step in their work to build a neighbourhood with a difference. Over to them to tell us more from here. Read more

How the EU is causing problems for the ‘Preston Model’ of local, non-corporate procurement

Dave Darby of | 18-Nov-2018 | 1

I’ve often suggested that Western states are beginning to resemble an admin department for the corporate sector. Read more

The Wool Journey Part 12: spinning at last!

In Part 12 of The Wool Journey, spinning commences at the Natural Fibre Company mill in Cornwall. Over to Sue Blacker to tell us more… Read more

How to make your own natural paint with milk

Whether it’s for your kitchen walls or your 5 year old’s latest masterpiece, Sigi Koko shares her simple recipes for homemade natural paint with milk. Read more

Europe: it’s time to end the growth dependency

Dave Darby of | 11-Nov-2018 | 1

We don’t usually blog about petitions – it feels a bit too much like begging, rather than doing things for ourselves and building alternatives from grassroots. However, this petition is too important to ignore, and politicians need to hear it, even though they might not be close to understanding it. Read more

Why natural soap is naturally better, for your skin and for the planet

When is soap not really soap? More often than you might think. Bas de Vries of Quincessentials explores why natural soap is naturally better. Read more

Living and working as a horse logger in Scotland

Lesley Anderson of | 06-Nov-2018 | 4

Steffi Schaffler lives and works in Scotland, running a horse logging business along with her partner Dave and 3 horses. Read more

Fancy learning to spin or weave or know someone else who would?

Are you tempted to give learning to spin or weave a whirl but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you have a friend or family member looking for a new craft challenge? Our new online courses are for you! Read more

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