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04/2021 posts

Sustainable funerals: Part 1 – with

Sarah Young of | 30-Apr-2021 | 0

With green funeral options on the rise, our friends at explore what to consider when it comes to sustainable funerals, focusing on more sustainable cremation options in this first instalment. Read more

Nests and baskets: were birds the first basketmakers?

Ruby Taylor of Native Hands | 21-Apr-2021 | 1

Featuring weavers, dunnocks and wrens, Ruby Taylor of Native Hands reflects on nests and baskets, asking if birds were the first basketmakers. Read more

Mutual credit in Africa: interview with Will Ruddick of Grassroots Economics

I’d like to introduce Will Ruddick, who set up the Grassroots Economics Foundation in Kenya around ten years ago, that runs a very successful mutual credit network (called the Sarafu Network) there. Read more

Putting straw on the public building map: the UP STRAW 2020 Yearbook

Eileen Sutherland shares highlights from the UP STRAW 2020 Yearbook, as this pioneering pan-European project putting straw on the public and urban building map enters its final phases this spring and summer. Read more

New found freedom: WWOOFing as a digital nomad

Scarlett Penn of WWOOF UK | 08-Apr-2021 | 0

Are you a remote worker dreaming of pastures new? WWOOFer Imogen shares how her experience of WWOOFing as a digital nomad enabled her to combine making a living with meaningful volunteering. Read more

Saving and investment in a mutual credit world

Dave Darby of | 04-Apr-2021 | 12

Nothing we do to try to move to a sustainable, healthy and democratic society will work as long as we have the current money system, because money has two conflicting functions. It can be used to buy and sell things, and it can be used to store, hoard, accumulate and become wealthy with. As long… Continue reading Saving and investment in a mutual credit world Read more

A beginners’ guide to farmers’ markets: Part 3

Sarah Young of | 01-Apr-2021 | 0

Our friends at share what to look for in local food and drink in their guide to farmers’ market shopping, plus how else to access sustainable produce from local producers. Read more

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