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05/2023 posts

Native British pond plants

Simon Eade of Garden of Eaden | 31-May-2023 | 0

Learn about the native British pond plants that can support life in your pond. Read more

How co-operation developed in nature and humans: implications for building the commons

Dave Darby of | 28-May-2023 | 3

I came across a fascinating study from the Journal of Economic Behaviour & Organisation, and I’d like to share a summary with you. It’s a fascinating read if (like me) you’re interested in helping build the commons in your community. Read more

Do you know your carbon footprint? (And does it matter?)

How useful is it to know our carbon footprint? Read more

Calendula moisturising bars

Kelly of Dirty Garden Hoe | 17-May-2023 | 2

The best thing about growing Calendula for me is watching all the insects that come to enjoy those bright happy flowers that sway and sing with the wind. Calendula is a must have for any cottage garden/allotment/informal space and is an excellent open flower which is perfect for those insects and bees. Calendula officinalis is… Continue reading Calendula moisturising bars Read more

Stroud Commons 4: new website

Dave Darby of | 14-May-2023 | 0

Stroud Commons now has a website – Please tell anyone you know in Stroud about us. We’re looking for people to get involved. Read more

Human scale technology at the Green Fair

This is a call out to designers, inventors, makers and creators of alternatively powered human scale appropriate technology. Read more

Why is the co-operative movement so successful in Emilia Romagna? With Matt Hancock (no, not that one)

Matt Hancock of MH Consulting | 07-May-2023 | 5

Today I’m talking with Matt Hancock, who’s been heavily involved with the co-operative movement in Emilia Romagna – the region of Italy around Bologna. There’s a huge, very successful co-op sector in ER. I want to try to find out in this interview is why – what’s special about ER, and can it be emulated elsewhere? Read more

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