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Sneaky marketing: heads-up for anyone with an online presence

Dave Darby of | 23-Jan-2014 | 1

Here’s the incomparably wonderful Bill Hicks on marketing. If you don’t know him, just put his name into YouTube. You’re in for a treat. Read more

Why ‘rammed earth’ doesn’t contain cement

Earth building, including rammed earth building, produces very low carbon emissions. However, there is a confusion between rammed earth – a mix of clay, sand and stones – and dry-pack concrete, too often called ‘stabilised rammed earth’. Read more

Re-skilling vs distributism: how to turn ‘do-it-yourself’ into small businesses

Dave Darby of | 15-Jan-2014 | 0

Hi all, has been all about re-skilling since we started in 2001, and we’ve gained a big audience through that. I was sitting on a bus in London last year, looking down at people in the street in Brixton Read more

Distributism – an idea whose time has come?

Dave Darby of | 06-Jan-2014 | 5

Here’s an idea that I’d like to see gain some ground in 2014 – it’s called distributism. It’s a practical rather than a spiritual idea, but really, I think that some sort of distributism has to happen before we can think about developing spiritually as a species. Read more

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