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Jo’s Mini Meadow Part 4: wildflower meadows leave nature in charge

Jo Cartmell of Nearby Wild | 31-May-2018 | 0

As we move into June and summer beckons, Jo Cartmell of NearbyWild shares Part 4 of her Mini Meadow journey, with Nature very much in charge. Read more

Jordan Peterson talks some sense, but he’s wrong about two very important things

Dave Darby of | 29-May-2018 | 8

Jordan Peterson is provocative, interesting and a formidable opponent in debates and interviews. He doesn’t interrupt, he thinks carefully about people’s points, he doesn’t run away from difficult arguments (or difficult people) and he’s helped a lot of people to rescue their damaged lives. Read more

The simplest DIY compost toilet

Lesley Anderson of | 27-May-2018 | 31

For several years I lived in a tent in woodland and I never really readjusted to this business of flushing poo away with clean drinking water. Besides, I have always liked to feel I am dealing with my own… stuff, both figuratively and literally. So when we moved into our current house a DIY compost… Continue reading The simplest DIY compost toilet Read more

Heartwood Community are seeking new members – could it be you?

Staci Sylvan of Heartwood | 24-May-2018 | 6

Heartwood Community is seeking energetic, reliable and committed people to join their intentional community in South West Wales. It’s over to Staci from here to tell us more. Read more

Public debate on capitalism: what happened and what I learnt

Dave Darby of | 22-May-2018 | 9

You may remember that I was invited to take part in a public debate in London recently (see here) about whether capitalism is ‘the best system for a sustainable future’. I was asked to deliver the ‘no’ position. Read more

Jo’s Mini Meadow Part 3: how does nature come to be regarded as kith and kin?

Jo Cartmell of Nearby Wild | 20-May-2018 | 0

In the third part of Jo Cartmell’s mini meadow series, she asks just how it is that Nature comes to be regarded as kith and kin and explores the importance of establishing a true connection with Nature from a young age. Read more

The two roads to serfdom: how neoliberals misrepresent Hayek

Dave Darby of | 17-May-2018 | 1

I recently went to visit a friend in Germany by train, and as I packed my bag, I looked around for a book to throw in, to read on the way. The one I plumped for was the Road to Serfdom by Friedrich von Hayek, Mrs. Thatcher’s (and Ronald Reagan’s) guru. Read more

How to build your own aquaponics greenhouse (Part 1)

Pete Blunsdon of Root Cause Organics, an experimental microholding in Buckinghamshire, shares the first in a series of guest posts about how he built his very own aquaponics greenhouse and how you can do the same. It’s over to Pete from here… Read more

Nettles glorious nettles… foraging tips and delicious recipes

James Wood of Totally Wild UK | 13-May-2018 | 4

Wild food author and foraging teacher James Wood explores one of the most common plants – nettles – and shares his wonderful recipes and tips for foraging. Read more

Free natural building internship on offer from Hartwyn this summer

Joe Duirwyn of Hartwyn | 06-May-2018 | 0

Natural building company Hartwyn are pleased to announce their summer 2018 free natural building internship programme is now open to applications. It’s over to Joe Duirwyn from here to tell us more. Read more

Making a netted bag using looped cordage with Ruby Taylor

Ruby Taylor of Native Hands | 03-May-2018 | 0

Ruby Taylor of Native Hands shares how to make a netted bag using looped cordage and explores the history of using natural fibres to produce wild cordage. Read more

Campaign launched to build a ‘new economy’ through a practical programme of workshops, mentoring, and live crowdfunding

We talk about making ‘communities stronger’ and creating a ‘fairer economy.’ But these approaches are still struggling to significantly impact our society and economy Read more

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