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We should be much more worried about an ecological crash than a financial crash

Dave Darby of | 30-Dec-2018 | 12

A few years ago, I was having a beer in the bar at King’s Cross narrowboat marina, when someone called Fred asked me what I did. When I said that I worked for an environmental organisation, he came up with a classic line that I’ve quoted many times since. Read more

How to build an adobe earthen floor with Sigi Koko (Part 3)

Sigi Koko teaches us the different approaches to the levelling layer in Part 3 of how to build an adobe earthen floor. Read more

How to build an adobe earthen floor with Sigi Koko (Part 2)

In Part 2 of how to build an adobe earthen floor, Sigi Koko of Down to Earth Design tackles the all important base layer. Read more

How to build an adobe earthen floor with Sigi Koko (Part 1)

Natural builder Sigi Koko of Down to Earth Design shares how to build an adobe floor. In Part 1, we learn about the substrate through to the insulation layer critical for any earthen floor. Read more

How do we grow the community-supported agriculture sector? Maresa Bossano, co-ordinator of the UK CSA Network

This week we’re talking with Maresa Bossano, who is the co-ordinator for the Community-Supported Agriculture Network in the UK. Read more

An exciting opportunity to develop a natural building design company

Barbara Jones of Straw Works | 13-Dec-2018 | 0

Leading straw-bale builder Barbara Jones shares news of an exciting opportunity to develop a growing design company in the natural building world. The author of Building with Straw Bales and star of our straw-bale building online course tells us more from here. Read more

How to source timber: a joiner’s point of view

Andy Reynolds of the Ecolodge | 11-Dec-2018 | 1

From growing the trees to selecting the right timber for the job, Andy Reynolds brings a lifetime of experience in forestry, carpentry and innovative thinking to timber for building. Here he explains how to source timber as responsibly as you can. Read more

Can we build a platform co-op to challenge Über? Interview with Duncan McCann of the New Economics Foundation

Dave of / talks with Duncan McCann of the New Economics Foundation (see video below), about platform co-ops. Duncan is starting a taxi platform co-op called Faircab, to challenge Über. Read more

How to gather, store and eat sweet chestnuts

Jessie Watson Brown of | 06-Dec-2018 | 13

It’s that time of year when the delicious smell of roasting chestnuts fills the air. Jessie Watson Brown shares her tips for foraging, cooking and storing sweet chestnuts for year-round use. Read more

Why pyrolysis and ‘plastic to fuels’ is not a solution to the plastics problem

Energy engineer Dr Andrew Rollinson sets out the case as to why pyrolysis and ‘plastic to fuels’ is not a sustainable solution to the plastics problem. Read more

The coming crash, and why co-ops are so important: Mark Simmonds of Co-op Culture

Mark Simmonds of Culture Co-op | 02-Dec-2018 | 2

Mark Simmonds gave us some free advice that saved us hundreds of pounds when we were setting up as a workers’ co-op. We talk about his work, and get deeper into the philosophy of co-operation.  Read more

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There’s a crash coming – a slap from Mother Nature. This isn’t pessimistic; it’s realistic.

The human impact on nature and on each other is accelerating and needs systemic change to reverse.

We’re not advocating poverty, or a hair-shirt existence. We advocate changes that will mean better lives for almost everyone.

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