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Community-led housing – what’s different about mutual home ownership societies (MHOS): interview with Paul Chatterton of LILAC

Paul Chatterton of LILAC | 31-Mar-2019 | 0

We talk with Paul Chatterton of LILAC community in Leeds about what’s different when it comes to mutual home ownership societies in community-led housing. Read more

How to build a low-cost, high-performing living green roof

Sigi Koko of Down to Earth Design shares her top tips for building a low-cost, high-performing living green roof. Read more

Not just for vegans: low-impact family festivals in 2019 from Vegan Events UK

We hear from the team behind a host of new UK events and festivals putting veganism firmly in the limelight in 2019 from Scotland to Devon. Read more

A ‘Transcender Manifesto’ for a world beyond capitalism

Dil Green shares a Transcender Manifesto for groups to develop networks of transcendent social relations for a world beyond capitalism. Read more

How to make a windbreak: the best trees and shrubs to use

Nick Mann of Habitat Aid | 14-Mar-2019 | 2

We learn about the best trees and shrubs to use to make a windbreak for your garden or smallholding with Nick Mann of Habitat Aid. Read more

The European Straw Bale Gathering is coming to Yorkshire for 2019

The European Straw Bale Gathering is heading to the UK for the very first time in August 2019. Learn all about it here. Read more

How do we grow the ‘co-operative commonwealth’? Interview with Pat Conaty

We talk about growing a co-operative commonwealth in the second part of an interview with Pat Conaty, senior research fellow at NEF and Co-operatives UK and author of the Resilience Imperative, with Michael Lewis. Read more

From folk music to pheasants with Scarlett Penn of WWOOF UK

Scarlett Penn of WWOOF UK | 07-Mar-2019 | 16

Scarlett Penn of WWOOF UK recounts an illuminating evening of music and debate, after encountering a pheasant-shooting party in a Shropshire pub. Read more

Want to be a Planning Manager with the Ecological Land Cooperative?

The Ecological Land Cooperative is looking for a part-time Planning Manager, with an application deadline of 15 April 2019. Read more

The barriers to growing the co-operative economy: Graham Mitchell of CoTech, part 2

In Part 2 of our interview with Graham Mitchell of Co-Tech, we talk about growing the co-operative economy and the barriers we might face. Read more

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