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10/2022 posts

A range of new monetary tools for a completely new economy: Tom Woodroof of Mutual Credit Services, Part 2

This is Part 2 of an interview with Tom Woodroof, who made the move from the world of nuclear physics to the world of mutual credit and monetary change. I’m going to find out more about his work, and how it can contribute to (quite revolutionary) change. Read more

The parklet movement – creating green space on our streets

Can the rising use of parklets across our cities increase the use of green spaces? Read more

My journey from nuclear physics to mutual credit: Tom Woodroof of Mutual Credit Services

This is Part 1 of an interview with Tom Woodroof of Mutual Credit Services, who made the shift from the world of nuclear physics to the world of mutual credit. Read more

Fighting our food waste habit

How improving our food waste habit can save us money and reduce our carbon footprint. Read more

Ways Forward co-operative conference is back: Manchester, Oct 20-21

This year the Ways Forward conference – an in-person event – focuses on how we can work together to address the climate emergency. Read more

How to ripen your Halloween pumpkins

Getting your pumpkins ripe and ready for Halloween! Read more

New owner sought for low-impact pub and glamping site in rural Suffolk

Dave Darby of | 09-Oct-2022 | 4

Aldegarden is a wonderful site in Suffolk, with accommodation, a community pub, and a ‘glamping’ site with yurts, timber structures, a cob roundhouse, gypsy caravan and a converted barn, communal areas, solar hot water and electricity and compost loos. They’ve been in our directory for years. But now they’re looking for new owners for the property and successful businesses. Read more

What is quince and how to cook it

Becky Blench of Wicked Leeks | 05-Oct-2022 | 1

How to cook your homegrown quince! Read more

Introducing the Credit Commons Society

The Credit Commons Society has been formed to promote and educate about, and to govern the Credit Commons protocol as it evolves to serve the needs of more groups, in the same way that the Linux Foundation looks after the Linux operating system. Read more

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