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11/2022 posts

11 Easy Actions For a Low Impact Christmas

Worried about your footprint on the environment this christmas? Here are actions you can take for a low impact holiday. Read more

Review of ‘Change: How to Make Big Things Happen’ by Damon Centola

Although the ‘viral’ approach (large networks, weak ties between people) can work for small packets of information, when it comes to behaviour change, it doesn’t seem to work well, and can actually be counter-productive. Read more

Why carbon offsetting through tree planting won’t help solve the climate crisis

Ian Scoones of Steps Centre | 23-Nov-2022 | 1

Plans to protect 30% of the planet by 2030 rely too heavily on carbon offsetting by tree planting. Read why this is not such a good idea. Read more

George Monbiot and friends are wrong: techno-utopianism won’t save us

Dave Darby of | 20-Nov-2022 | 11

George Monbiot has joined a campaign called ‘Reboot Food’, working with techno-utopians who would like to see governments remove support for organic food and deregulate the GM industry, as well as producing bacteria-based food in giant factories (‘precision-fermentation’), and getting rid of smallholdings. Read more

Organic smallholdings, not ‘farm-free’ food factories

Chris Smaje of Vallis Veg | 13-Nov-2022 | 3

Another critical review of George Monbiot’s latest book, Regenesis, by Chris Smaje, author of Small Farm Future. This follows on from last week’s review by Simon Fairlie. Read more

Can running be low-impact?

Ultra-runner Damian Hall tells Low-Impact how his sport can be sustainable and low-impact. Read more

‘Monbiotic man’ – will future food be ‘farm-free’?

Simon Fairlie starts a series of articles about whether technology will save us. He supports small farmers over George Monbiot’s ‘Regenesis’ solution. Read more

Not so nasty nettle – an honourable compendium for an overlooked plant!

Recipes for the humble nettle. Read how to pick, choose and cook with this overlooked plant. Read more

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