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Nature in May – what to look out for

Living in a cool and slightly windswept location in the South Shropshire Hills means that the arrival of migrant birds or the appearance of the first spring butterflies occurs a little later here than it does in counties further south and east. Read more

Can you think about sending this letter (or something similar) to your MP about TTIP?

Linda Kaucher of Stop TTIP | 27-Apr-2016 | 0

Can you take 10 mins to send this letter, or something very similar, to your MP? People have been asking MPs some of these questions and getting silly answers, which suggests we are hitting a nerve – so we need to keep on hitting it. Read more

The 6 main approaches to changing the world; which one do you subscribe to?

Dave Darby of | 23-Apr-2016 | 2

We received an email recently with these sentences: ‘This idea of those evil corporations is mistaken because we are all involved in society and economy. There is no us and them we are all part of it and need to take responsibility for that.’ Read more

Public support for TTIP has plummeted in Germany and the US to 17% and 15% respectively

Dave Darby of | 22-Apr-2016 | 0

A report for the Bertelsmann Foundation has shown plummeting support for TTIP in Germany and in the US – down to 17% in Germany and 15% in the US, with 18% of Americans and a full third of Germans saying that it is ‘a bad thing’. Read more

Stephen Hawking says that we should prioritise space travel and that ‘philosophy is dead’; cleverness and wisdom are very different

Dave Darby of | 19-Apr-2016 | 6

There’s clever and there’s clever. There’s clever like a computer or a calculator, and then there’s clever as in wise. The first kind of cleverness is the technical type, that can work out how to build nuclear weapons, or to genetically modify food crops, or to cut through the branch that we’re sitting on Read more

Work / farmshare opportunity for someone interested in farming, smallholding, forestry, livestock, mushrooms or building stone

Dave Darby of | 16-Apr-2016 | 8

Here’s a very interesting opportunity for a budding smallholder – either paid work or farm share, near Totnes in Devon. Over to Richard: Read more

If the BBC advertises Tesco, why is there a licence fee?

Dave Darby of | 13-Apr-2016 | 3

Just listened to a ten-minute advert for Tesco on ‘You and Yours’ on Radio 4, masquerading as news. I have some questions: Read more

A small key can open a large door: why we should all know what’s happening in Rojava

Dave Darby of | 11-Apr-2016 | 3

I don’t believe that any ethnic group anywhere in the world can truthfully claim that they have never carried out atrocities against another group. Every nation has been victim and perpetrator at some time. Read more

How the CEOs of Europe’s biggest corporations write EU policy

Dave Darby of | 09-Apr-2016 | 8

There’s an organisation based in Brussels called the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT). It’s a club – invitation only, not transparent, not democratic – just a private club. Read more

Great opportunity to work with the wonderful ‘Stir to Action’

Stir to Action is a community organisation that publishes a quarterly magazine, runs workshop programmes and short courses, produces how-to resources for setting up co-operatives and community enterprises, commissions original artwork and facilitates social economy start-ups. Read more

How to knit a basic blanket – step by step (including how to knit)

This video is fantastic. It shows how to create a blanket from scratch. It’s for complete beginners, so you can do it even if you don’t know how to knit. Read more

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