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09/2020 posts

Sustainable alternatives to garden lawns: Part 1

Sarah Young of | 30-Sep-2020 | 2

From herbs to moss and more, we share a first instalment from our friends at about sustainable alternatives to garden lawns. Read more

Mentoring and more: support for new entrant farmers

Know someone taking their first steps into farming? We take a look at a growing wealth of schemes and resources providing support for new entrant farmers. Read more

Beyond navigation: three great uses of maps

From archaeology to folklore and more, Sean Fagan of Pioneer Bushcraft sets out three great uses of maps beyond the obvious. Read more

WWF shocking report on wildlife, and why the response will be inadequate

Brian Czech of CASSE | 20-Sep-2020 | 0

It’s been a while since wildlife—not just a species here or there but wildlife at large—has been front and center in the news. Usually the biggest environmental news pertains to climate change at the global level, or local pollution problems such as lead in the water pipes. “Biodiversity” gained traction as an issue in the… Continue reading WWF shocking report on wildlife, and why the response will be inadequate Read more

Reflections on ‘Extinction: The Facts’ by Sir David Attenborough

Hailed as ‘essential viewing’, ‘painful’ and ‘terrifying’ by viewers, Sophie Paterson shares her reflections on the hard-hitting BBC documentary Extinction: The Facts. Read more

Mutual credit in Colombia: Mercedes Bidart of Quipu Markets

Today I’m talking with Mercedes Bidart, of Quipu Markets. Mercedes, you’re from Argentina, the project was born at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where you did a Masters; and the project is being launched in Colombia. So it’s a very pan-American project. Read more

A woeful year for wool in 2020 – and how you can support your local producers

Already suffering a downturn as an industry in recent years, the Covid-19 crisis has resulted in a particularly woeful year for wool in 2020. How have producers been faring and what can we do to support them as best as possible? Read more

My tribute to David Graeber: please read his words

Dave Darby of | 06-Sep-2020 | 2

Maybe David Graeber’s death can challenge us to take a few minutes to think about the demonisation of the word anarchism. I believe that the two fundamental assumptions of anarchism are correct – that: Read more

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