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Help become a wiki, to provide more (and more relevant) information for visitors

Dave Darby of | 31-Jan-2021 | 8

We’ve been liaising with Simon Grant, of the P2P Foundation Wiki, and making plans for turning into a wiki. We already have a network of specialists who provide information for our topics and respond to visitors’ queries. We want to expand this network, as well as the number of topics we cover. Read more

Keeping your tech ticking: how to extend the lifetime of your laptop

Have a feeling your device is on its last legs and dreading the day you might have to consider buying a new one? Sophie Paterson shares top tips to keep your technological devices ticking, starting with how to extend the lifetime of your laptop. Read more

Resources to accompany upcoming book on new economy built around mutual credit

Dave Darby of | 24-Jan-2021 | 1

I have a contract to produce a book about growing a new economy, in communities, with mutual credit at the core. This article is a listing of key resources: video interviews I’ve done with relevant people whilst researching the book, plus articles and websites providing additional information. Read more

Neonicotinoids and climate change

Nick Mann of Habitat Aid | 21-Jan-2021 | 3

With neonicotinoids back in the news this month, Nick Mann of Habitat Aid shares his views on the growing threat they pose in combination with climate change. Read more

For the love of trees: my musings on trees

Sean Fagan of Pioneer Bushcraft brings the outdoors to life as he shares his musings on trees and why it is he loves them so. Read more

What happened to LETS systems? Sue Bell of Mutual Credit Services

Today I’m talking with Sue Bell, who was involved for many years in Brixton LETS and the Brixton Pound. She’s now part of a group called Mutual Credit Services (MCS), formed to build mutual credit clubs and to federate them together to build a new kind of moneyless trading system. I want to talk about… Continue reading What happened to LETS systems? Sue Bell of Mutual Credit Services Read more

Food preservation methods to make the most of seasonal produce: Part 3

Sarah Young of | 06-Jan-2021 | 0

Keen to plan ahead to make the most of seasonal produce this year? We share a season-by-season exploration of food preservation methods, in a last instalment from our friends at Read more

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