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Help build the co-operative sector via the Co-op Data Club

Leo Sammallahti explains the Co-op Data Club – a new venture to promote the co-operative sector. At the moment, the Co-op Data Club is about building a solid network of co-ops, and later, individuals will be able to join in. If you’re part of a co-op, please consider joining. Read more

Switch to reusable menstrual pads and help women in period poverty

Harry Gardiner of Trade to Aid | 26-Jan-2022 | 0

Disposable pads are in the past; this is a transition away from sanitary products that keep you in the pockets of global corporations month after month. Do good with your period. For every pack of Trade To Aid pads you buy, we donate a pack to someone in need of a better period. Read more

New website and new plans for 2022 – your involvement welcome

Dave Darby of | 23-Jan-2022 | 2

We launched our new website in early January. It’s faster, more robust and (hopefully) easier to navigate. Please let us know if you find any broken links or any other problems. Since 2001, we’ve been developing a huge range of topics covering low-impact technologies, facilities and activities. But with the current economy and money system,… Continue reading New website and new plans for 2022 – your involvement welcome Read more

How to support anaerobic digestion for biogas and compost in communities

Rokiah Yaman of LEAP Micro AD | 19-Jan-2022 | 0

SOURCE turns food waste into energy, fertiliser and compost to grow healthy crops and create local jobs – in the heart of our cities! Read more

Is money the root of all evil? Shaun Chamberlin Part 2

This is Part 2 of a conversation with Shaun Chamberlin (Part 1 is here). Shaun left the board of the Ecological Land Co-op as I joined. He’s been involved with the Transition Network – he wrote the Transition Timeline. His website is Dark Optimism. He took on the work of David Fleming after his death,… Continue reading Is money the root of all evil? Shaun Chamberlin Part 2 Read more

The return of local, natural fabrics and low-impact clothing

A recent surge in small ethical brands marks a new wave of a textile economy with a lower impact on the earth. Below are ten places you can find UK-made low impact goods.   Read more

Where are we headed? (‘physics doesn’t negotiate’): Shaun Chamberlin

At Lowimpact we’re interviewing people who are working to build a new kind of world. We want to promote what they’re doing, and find ways to work together. Today I’m talking with Shaun Chamberlin. Read more

The benefits of sprouts – living superfoods

First let’s be clear. I’m not talking about Brussels sprouts! I’m referring to different types of sprouts. I’m referring to the tiny white shoot (primary root) that emerges when a seed, bean or grain begins to germinate and begins to grow into a vegetable. Read more

Happy new economy in 2022

Dave Darby of | 02-Jan-2022 | 2

This is a 2022 New Year’s message to everyone I know, or who uses this website, reads our blog and/or watches our videos. I’m an optimist. Eventually, I think we can turn things around. And even if we can’t, if we help the people in our network to do what they do, at the very… Continue reading Happy new economy in 2022 Read more

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