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Commons housing: another brief explainer, this time by Dil Green

Brief introduction to a new model of commons housing to replace the current, broken housing market. Read more

Village halls – a sustainable success story  

Our village halls can be a beacon for sustainable living, community activities and the sharing of ideas! Read more

How credit clearing can help system change: Michael Hallam of Local Loop Lancaster & Morecambe

In this interview I’m talking with Michael Hallam, who is involved with the Ethical Small Traders Association (ESTA) in Lancaster, and has recently been working with Mutual Credit Services on a credit clearing project called Local Loop Lancaster & Morecambe. Credit clearing is an important part of what needs to happen to build a new, ‘commons’ economy. Read more

Beginner’s Guide to Wild Swimming

Thinking of taking the plunge with wild swimming? This guide can give you some hints and tips! Read more

Credit clearing: reducing the need for money and banks

Dave Darby of | 15-Jan-2023 | 2

There’s a new topic on – credit clearing. It’s an important part of the move towards a new, post-capitalist, commons economy, because it reduces the need for bank-issued money. Read more

Getting around the egg shortage – The Vegan Society’s top alternatives

With the UK’s egg shortage continuing, The Vegan Society shares top egg alternatives for everything from cakes to scrambled eggs. As the cost of living and the avian flu outbreak continue to impact the farming industry, egg producers are having problems meeting the demand for eggs, resulting in a shortage here in the UK. The… Continue reading Getting around the egg shortage – The Vegan Society’s top alternatives Read more

Stroud Commons part 1: We’re putting our house into the ‘commons’. Follow our progress and replicate it in your community

Dave Darby of | 08-Jan-2023 | 5

In 2023 I’d like to see a move towards a new system, rather than futile attempts to ‘fix’ capitalism. I don’t think it’s necessary to to try to persuade the majority of people of this. There are enough of us already to kick-start the necessary change. I’d just like to bring to your attention the new ideas that are emerging for building this new system – the commons economy. Read more

Why gardening is such a great hobby for children

Why gardening can be a great hobby for children and how you can get started. Read more

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