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02/2023 posts

Rewilding or local food production?

We like the idea of rewilding, but it needs much more thought when it removes good UK lowland farmland – because then, obviously, land elsewhere will have to brought into agricultural production to take up the slack. Read more

In celebration of soft fruit

A celebration of local, seasonal soft fruit and the memories that it can evoke. Read more

A brief history of credit clearing, with Hans-Florian Hoyer

Hans-Florian Hoyer of | 19-Feb-2023 | 0

Hans-Florian Hoyer is a retired banker and academic who specialises in the history of credit clearing – especially credit clearing at medieval trade fairs. Credit clearing is a crucial part of building a new commons economy, because it reduces the need for money and banks in communities, and it helps small businesses survive through difficult times. Read more

Lowimpact jobs board launches! 

At last! Here at Lowimpact we’re very proud to be finally launching our Lowimpact jobs board. A service that so many of you have asked for over the years – and we know will be so useful in connecting job seekers with employers. You can find it here. The jobs board is dedicated to showcasing… Continue reading Lowimpact jobs board launches!  Read more

Career change? Work with Mutual Credit Services

Invitation to apply to work with Mutual Credit Services. We’ve got more work in prospect than we can handle, and what we really need now is more creative human capacity. Read more

More Sustainable (and Beautiful) Alternatives to a Grass Lawn

Ideas from the American NRDC about how to develop a sustainable alternative for your lawn. Read more

Matthew Slater’s money news roundup

Matthew Slater, co-author of the Credit Commons white paper, produces a biannual roundup of money news he finds interesting. Here’s the latest. Read more

Preparing for new growth at Imbolc

How the Celtic festival of Imbolc can inspire new growth. Read more

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