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Nature in September – what to look out for

When it comes to nature in September, this month is a melancholy time of year for anyone who loves swallows. Through the summer I enjoy seeing them and the local house martins, swooping and diving around my house and garden, drinking from the pond or sitting on our electricity wires, twittering and preening. Read more

Why do Americans have a different attitude to Brits when it comes to using trees as a renewable resource?

We’ve noticed from comments on our blogs and on social media that environmentally-conscious Americans have a slightly different attitude to using trees as a renewable resource – whether for firewood or for timber – than that prevalent in the UK. Read more

Why are clay pots better for sprouts and microgreens than plastic or glass?

So why sprout seeds in clay sprouters? Surely if seeds grow happily into sprouts or microgreens, they will be healthy and be good for us? Do they really care if they’re grown in plastic? Well, there are some other things to take into consideration. Read more

A brief history of philosophy, part 15: what next?

Dave Darby of | 24-Aug-2016 | 0

This is the final article in this series. Over the past 15 weeks I’ve tried to highlight the times in history where philosophy has helped, along with technology and events, to change the direction in which we’re moving. Read more

What we’d like to see happen with UK trade deals after the Brexit vote

Linda Kaucher of Stop TTIP | 22-Aug-2016 | 0

Here is a list, agreed by anti-TTIP activists, of what we want / don’t want in any UK trade deals, whether EU or new UK deals. Read more

How I came to write the third edition of ‘Wind & Solar Electricity’

Andy Reynolds of the Ecolodge | 20-Aug-2016 | 0

So after much effort edition three is now published. Renewable energy technology is changing quickly and so a couple of years ago I contacted Dave Darby with a view to updating edition two. Read more

Career change? There are not enough charcoal-makers to satisfy the demand for home-produced charcoal

We interview Pete Grugeon of the Bulworthy Project, who explains that there’s a gap in the market – with not enough charcoal burners to satisfy the demand for locally-produced charcoal. Read more

A brief history of philosophy, part 14: the rise and fall of postmodernism

Dave Darby of | 16-Aug-2016 | 0

By the 1980s, a new way of thinking began to be applied to academic philosophy with almost a religious fervour that caused quite a bit of acrimony within academia, but which has now faded. Read more

Midlands eco festival set to be a sell-out as veganism explodes in the UK

Veganism is taking off in the UK, with new stats showing that over half a million people now follow a vegan diet [1]. For many, vegan events are the best starting point if you’re vegan curious, an aspiring vegan or already enjoying the benefits of this lifestyle. Read more

My experience with a traditional watermill driving a generator to produce electricity

Andy Reynolds of the Ecolodge | 12-Aug-2016 | 3

This was an interesting diversion. I was asked a couple of years ago if I would take a look at a watermill in Bourne (Lincolnshire) and see what the problem was with the generator. Interesting – how often do you get asked to play with a watermill? Read more

A brief history of philosophy, part 13: continental vs. analytic philosophy

Dave Darby of | 10-Aug-2016 | 0

Twentieth century philosophy split very roughly into ‘analytic’ (mainly in the English-speaking world) and ‘continental’ (mainly in mainland Europe), and was influenced heavily by contributions to the way we think about ourselves and the rest of existence from two non-philosophers: Freud and Einstein. Read more

Free straw-bale building internships starting in September

Starting on September 7th, I am pleased to offer you the chance to take part in a whole straw bale house build. From foundations to finish plasters and everything in between. Read more

Visit properties refurbished for energy efficiency around the country in September

Gordon Glass of SuperHomes | 06-Aug-2016 | 0

SuperHome Open Days this September promise to be extra exciting with at least six recently refurbished homes opening to the public for the first time. Around 50 pioneering households are preparing to open their doors across the UK. Read more

Want to volunteer on a low-impact, off-grid settlement?

Hello – we are James and Sukamala, tenants at Wild Geese Acres, Greenham Reach, which is an off-grid, low-impact farming project established in north Devon by the Ecological Land Coop  (ELC) – see website. Read more

A brief history of philosophy, part 12: socialism, utopianism and anarchism

Dave Darby of | 02-Aug-2016 | 3

Karl Marx (1818-1883) is possibly the most studied philosopher in history. He said that the point of philosophy is not to understand the world, but to change it – and change it he did, with an idea, although he never saw the effects of his idea after its interpretation and implementation by others after his… Continue reading A brief history of philosophy, part 12: socialism, utopianism and anarchism Read more

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