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What to sow, plant and harvest in your polytunnel or greenhouse in July

Your polytunnel or greenhouse is absolutely packed and you’ll be harvesting fruits from your summer crops – the first tomato of the year is always the most anticipated and delicious. Soon you’ll have more food than you can cope with. Read more

Fruit & vegetable growing guide for July

July is usually one of the hottest and driest months so a lot of time may be spent watering. You can reduce water loss and so save yourself some time. Mulching with a layer of organic matter will help preserve moisture but may encourage slugs so you will need to take action against them. Read more

Building your own sea kayak part 1: forms & ‘strongback’

I’m going to post three articles about how I built my own sea kayak, followed by some articles about the adventures you can have once you’ve built it. The idea is that you buy some detailed plans and follow them carefully. They will guide you through every step of the build. Read more

B-corporations – yes or no?

Dave Darby of | 25-Jun-2017 | 52

What do you consider the correct approach towards multinational corporations – tame them, or start to get rid of them? And what do we mean by ‘tame’ exactly? And what are the problems with multinational corporations in the first place? Read more

The great Human Power Plant experiment

Taking pedal power to a whole new level, an ambitious project will see the conversion of a 22 floor building into an entirely human powered community of 750 students at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Dubbed the Human Power Plant, Kris de Decker of Low-tech Magazine and artist Melle Smets will lead a team exploring the… Continue reading The great Human Power Plant experiment Read more

Wind farm open day, July 4th: see what it’s like inside a giant turbine, and ask questions in the pub afterwards

Dan McCallum of Awel Co-op | 20-Jun-2017 | 0

It’s Community Energy Fortnight from June 24th – July 9th and all over the country there are events to galvanise support for clean power. To celebrate this and to draw attention to Global Wind Day, we are opening up one of Awel’s turbines for people to see inside a wind turbine. Read more

Waste not, want not: 5 tips for collecting salvaged building materials

Using salvage building materials brings new life to otherwise discarded items.  Reusing materials can inspire creativity and reduce construction costs. But you need to have a plan, or you risk spinning your wheels and burning out from all the leg work involved. Read more

Opportunity to achieve a permaculture livelihood on a couple of acres on Devon/Cornwall border

Libby Cameron of | 16-Jun-2017 | 8

Hi, I have a small piece of land (approx. 1.75 acres)  with small barn on the Devon-Cornwall border that I would really like to make available to someone committed to creating a permaculture lifestyle.  Read more

In sight of Pendle Hill: a glimpse of life at Gazegill Farm

We’re delighted to introduce the first in a series of posts by photographer and researcher Walter Lewis of Feeding Body and Soul. He will be sharing a selection of stories from his journey exploring local sustainable food production in England and Wales, beginning with Gazegill Farm in Lancashire. Read more

Groundswell: an agricultural show for no-till, organic farming with cover crops and grass-fed animals

A groundswell of farmers around the world are working out how to farm in a more ecologically-friendly way. One of the farmers leading the farming revolution in the UK is John Cherry, who has set up a 2-day conference on his farm in Hertfordshire, 28th and 29th of June. Read more

Seeking a venue: course on how to create a One Planet Development

I am seeking venues around the country to run an exciting course that will help participants prepare for starting and living on a One Planet Development. Read more

Ecological Land Co-op share offer extended after exceeding target: help us change the way land is owned in the UK

WOW! We’ve surpassed our initial maximum target of £340,000, and there are still FOUR days to go. Our new investors are helping us continue our work supporting small-scale, agro-ecological farming. Thank you! Read more

In a perpetually-growing economy, what will limit the number of cars in the world?

Dave Darby of | 06-Jun-2017 | 2

I come back to the subject of economic growth reasonably regularly, or to be more specific, the concept of perpetual, constant, infinite growth. And I’ll keep doing it until this absurd idea is consigned to the same historical category as phlogiston or a geocentric universe. Read more

My plastic-free life: an interview with Kate Armstrong

You may remember from our post in May that the month of June marks The Marine Conservation Society’s Plastic Challenge. But what is it actually like to give up plastic? We spoke to campaigner Kate Armstrong of about her decade-long journey towards and campaign for a plastic-free existence. Read more

What to sow, plant and harvest in your polytunnel or greenhouse in June

June is one of my favourite months in the tunnel or greenhouse. The majority of crops are planted by now and the responsibility of watering your seedlings every day is nearly over. You can enjoy tending your crops and observe how they develop. Read more

Fruit & vegetable growing guide for June

Flaming June should bring us a hot sunshine-filled month with the risk of frost passed and those in more northerly parts should be able to catch up with those in the south. We’re also moving towards the longest day, June 21st being the summer solstice so there is plenty of daylight to let you get… Continue reading Fruit & vegetable growing guide for June Read more

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